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Crown land (photograph: W. Lee Weller)

Crown land sales

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​​​​​​​​​​​Purchasing Crown land

Crown land in Tasmania is managed by various Government agencies. The information below relates solely to Crown land managed by the PWS under the Crown Lands Act 1976.

Crown land and an ​​easement over Crown land can be purchased by application.  Most parcels of Crown land sold as a result of a purchase application are not capable of being sold as stand-alone lots and are, therefore, usually adhered to the applicants adjoining title.  Examples include:

  • a len​​gth of reserved road that is no longer required by the Crown
  • a block of land that is too small or ill positioned  

Generally coastal Crown land or land adjoining inland waters is not sold.

All Crown land is sold at market value, usually assessed by the Office of the Valuer-General​. 

Applicants will be responsible for associated costs.  These can vary considerably.  In some situations sale costs can be greater than the actual value of the land.  This is often the case with smaller parcels of land.  In addition to the purchase price, costs include:

  • application fee
  • valuation fee 
  • legal fees
  • survey fees
  • stamp duty
  • title registration fees

​​Applications to purchase Crown land can be made by lodging the relevant application form and paying the applicable fee.  Find out more about purchasing Crown land in the Purchasing Crown Land guide sheet. 


Fee from 1 July 2019​ under the
Crown Lands Act 1976
Purchase application fee​  (reserved road or minor adhesion)$526.50 (GST exempt)​
Purchase application fee​  (any other land)$801.90 (GST exempt)


  Application to Purchase Crown land - general   (412Kb)

  Application to Purchase Crown land - reserved road or minor adhesion   (417Kb)

  Purchasing Crown Land guide sheet   (612Kb)


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