Workers dressed in coveralls apply weed killer to vegetation in the sand dunes on the South Coast Track
Weed control on the South Coast Track (photograph: Joe Shemesh)

Tendering for land management services

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​​​About tendering for l​and management​ services

Crown land in Tasmania is managed by various Government agencies. The information below relates solely to land managed by the ​​PWS under the Crown Lands Act 1976, the National Parks and Reserves Management Act 2002 and the Nature Conservation Act 2002.​

Businesses that wish to tender for land management services can register their interest by lodging the Tendering Request form.  Selection requirements are detailed in the Tendering Requirements document.

  Tender Request   (1Mb)

  Tendering Requirements   (45Kb)​

Where businesses meet the tendering requirements they will be placed on a pre-approved list of contractors.  After expressing interest, businesses will be notified of an outcome.

Types of land mana​​gement services

  • ​Brushcutting and/or slashing​
  • Creation of firebreaks
  • Arboriculture services – a​ssessments, trimming and removals
  • General maintenance (i.e. installation of signs, replacement of windows, boarding of windows)
  • Rubbish removal (i.e. car bodies, car tyres, garden waste, dry fuels, other general rubbish)
  • Erecting and/or installation of access barriers (i.e. rocks, boom gates, trenches, fences)
  • Removal of wasp nests (or other specified insect nests)
  • Removal of dead animals
  • Removal of illegal structures (i.e. sheds, jetties, fences)
  • Removal and/or spraying of weeds
  • Removal of dangerous substances (i.e. asbestos) and/or clearing of contaminated sites
  • Clearing blocked drains and creeks
  • Undertake work to reduce (and/or control) erosion​​​


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