Water flows over the steep rocky ledge at Pencil Pine Falls
Pencil Pine Cascades (photograph: Adam Holbrook)

Crown Land Assessment and Classification Project

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​​​​​The Crown Land Assessment and Classification (CLAC) Project ran from 2004 to 2008. The aim of this project was to complete the Crown land classification process, by assessing and classifying all unallocated Crown land and public reserves managed under the Crown Lands Act 1976. The Project included comprehensive public consultation. All interested parties had an opportunity to provide their views, comments and ideas. This consultation process enabled informed decisions to be made on the most appropriate future tenure of the land, leading to better management of Crown land in Tasmania.

The consultation reports for eac​h of the 29 council areas, including recommendations, can be found below.

​​Nearly all recommendations have now been enacted. This ranges from identifying parcels to be sold, reserved, transferred to council ownership or retained as unallocated Crown land. These recommendations, which were endorsed by Parliament, continue to ​be used and acted on when the Parks and Wildlife Service assesses applications for the use or purchase of Crown land.​

  CLAC project - Break O'Day   (622Kb)

  CLAC project - Brighton   (214Kb)

  CLAC project - Burnie   (386Kb)

  CLAC project - Central Coast   (352Kb)

  CLAC project - Central Highlands   (383Kb)

  CLAC project - Circular Head   (675Kb)

  CLAC project - Clarence   (322Kb)

  CLAC project - Derwent Valley   (310Kb)

  CLAC project - Devonport   (235Kb)

  CLAC project - Dorset   (565Kb)

  CLAC project - Flinders   (309Kb)

  CLAC project - George Town   (373Kb)

  CLAC project - Glamorgan Spring Bay   (376Kb)

  CLAC project - Glenorchy   (238Kb)

  CLAC project - Hobart   (261Kb)

 CLAC project - Huon Valley (PDF 959Kb)​

  CLAC project - Kentish   (244Kb)

  CLAC project - King Island   (444Kb)

  King Island 20 Parcels Report   (105Kb)

  CLAC project - Kingborough   (759Kb)

  CLAC project - Latrobe   (279Kb)

  CLAC project - Launceston   (297Kb)

  CLAC project - Meander Valley   (304Kb)

  CLAC project - Northern Midlands   (337Kb)

  CLAC project - Sorell   (506Kb)

  CLAC project - Southern Midlands   (304Kb)

  CLAC project - Tasman   (433Kb)

  CLAC project - Waratah Wynyard   (704Kb)

  CLAC project - West Coast   (1Mb)

  CLAC project - Supplementary West Coast   (145Kb)

  CLAC project - West Tamar   (354Kb)



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