Bay of Fires tour participants walk along the beach on a sunny day
Bay of Fires Walk tour group (photograph: Dixie Makro)

Conducting business in parks and reserves

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The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) is continually looking to provide a visitor experience that showcases the best the State has to offer. In addition to managing some of these experiences ourselves, we also work with private businesses to expand what is available to people visiting our national parks and reserves.  

​Find out more about running a business in parks and reserves, leasing our facilities, commercial filming and other opportunities here.

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  • Drones
    Thinking of taking your drone into one of Tasmania's national parks? Read this first.
  • Parks 21
    Developed in partnership with the TICT, Parks 21 is a strategic action plan for tourism in Tasmania's parks and reserves.
  • Property Services
    Want to do something on Crown Land - leasing or licensing land, organising an event or even running livestock? Property Services are the section to contact.
  • PWS accredited partnerships
    Information about the PWS-TICT Accredited Licensed Operator Partnership
  • Commercial filming and photography
    Interested in filming in a national park for commercial purposes? Find out everything you need to know here.