Volunteers in front of the lighthouse, Maatsuyker Island
Volunteer caretakers, Maatsuyker Island Lighthouse (photograph: Chris Crerar)

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​Immersing yourself in the landscape is an unforgettable experience, but engaging with Tasmania’s wild places in an altruistic way rewards immeasurably. Volunteers make an invaluable contribution to Tasmania’s national parks and reserves, ensuring these wilderness areas are protected for generations to come. Share your own passion and enthusiasm by getting involved through an array of events and community programs.

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  • News and Events
    Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmanania news and events
  • National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council
    The National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council (NPWAC) is a statutory body providing an independent overview of Tasmania's protected areas system.
  • Volunteer
    Volunteering can be a great way to further connect with Tasmania's national parks and reserves.
  • Have your say
    This page lists open and recently closed consultations on Department projects. You are encouraged to have your say.
  • Projects and programs
    The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service delivers a number of projects and programs that you may be interested in. Here you will find information on some of our current projects.