Visitors having a conversation outside the old timber government huts surrounded by a wooden bench and rocks.
Mount Field government huts (photograph: Craig Vertigan)

Works, developments and events

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​​​​​​​​​Undertaking works ​on Crown land

If you are intending to undertake works on Crown land managed by the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS), an application needs to be submitted and approved prior to commencement. Please contact the relevant regional office to seek consent to undertake works or developments on Reserved land, (eg Conservation Area, National Park, Nature Recreation Area).​​

Types of works includes:

  • Erecting, repairing and replacing temporary or permanent structures such as signs, walkways, pipe lines, buildings and marine structures;
  • weeding and revegetating; 
  • removing and lopping trees and
  • accessing Crown land for geotechnical drilling.

If the proposal involves new permanent structures, the PWS may also require a further application to lease, licence or purchase the land. You can find information on leasing and licencing here.

Changes in the use of existing structures or to existing lease or licence boundaries, may require adjustments to agreements. In some circumstances new agreements will be necessary.

The local council also may have additional requirements. In some cases council may require planning approval, if so the PWS must be informed.

To apply for authority to undertake works lodge an Event, Works and/or Development Application Request. The PWS will conduct an initial assessment and advise on further requirements. 

  Works & Development Application   (181Kb)​

Development Applications

A Development Application (DA), is a formal request to a council for consent to carry out a proposed development, such as building, landscaping, subdivision, or a general change of use for a parcel of land. The local council may require Crown consent from the PWS before the lodgement of a DA.

If you are applying for Crown consent for a DA, you will need to lodge an Event, Works and/or Development Application Request. The complete and final version of the DA package also must be supplied.  In such cases, the complete DA package includes the Council Lodgement Form and any other documents such as reports and plans that are to be lodged with council.

The PWS will conduct an initial assessment and advise on further requirements once the Event, Works and/or Development Application Request form and the complete DA package is received. The PWS is providing the consent to lodge the DA​ as the 'Landowner'.

  Works & Development Application   (181Kb)​


Authority must also be obtained to hold events on the PWS managed Crown land, particularly where the event is commercial, excludes public access or involves erecting temporary structures. Examples of events requiring authority include carnivals and regattas. 

The Organiser must not provide event personnel, volunteers and Participants with single serve plastic items including, not limited to, containers bowls plates straws utensils stirrers for use and to ensure single serve plastic items are not brought onto or used on the Land in connection with the conduct of the Event by either event personnel, volunteers and Participants (with the Organiser to also comply with all reasonable directions given by the Land Manager about such matters).​

  Event a​pplication   (579Kb)


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