Forester kangaroo (Macropus giganteus), at Springlawn Narawntapu National Park.
Forester kangaroo, Narawntapu National Park.

Land mammals

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​​Tasmania is home to many unique and unusual mammals. Here you can find out more information about them, their scientific names, and the best places to see them.

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  • Bats
    Tasmania's bats are small but widespread, keep an eye out for one of our eight species.
  • Kangaroos and wallabies
    Learn more about these instantly-recognised Australian animals.
  • Platypus and echidnas
    Two of our most unusual native creatures, find out more about these wonderful monotremes.
  • Possums
    Tasmania is home to five species of possums, find out more about these night-time adventurers.
  • Quolls
    This largely nocturnal animal can be hard to find, find out the best places to catch a glimpse of these carnivorous mammals.
  • Wombats
    Find out more about one of our most endearing mammals, the wombat.

​​Tasmania has a unique assemblage of Australian animals, including the three largest extant (living) marsupial predators - Tasmanian devil, spotted-tailed quoll and eastern quoll. Because of its island status, fewer introduced predators and a relatively large amount of intact habitat, Tasmania has a diverse mammal fauna and the state is a stronghold for many species which have become extinct, or are on the verge of extinction, on mainland Australia.

Tasmania has several endemic mammilian species - those found nowhere else in the world. Some, like the Tasmanian devil and Tasmanian tiger​ are well-known. Others, such as the eastern quoll, pademelon, long-tailed mouse and bettong are less well-known, but equally fascinating.

Like most of Australia's mammals, the Tasmanian mammal fauna comprises many marsupials, or pouched mammals. Marsupials are remarkable for their method of reproduction; they produce fingernail-sized young that complete their development in their mother's pouch.

For further information, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania ​​(NRE Tas) has a complete list of Tasmania's land mammals.​