Walker on track, Walls of Jerusalem National Park
Walker on track, Walls of Jerusalem National Park (photograph: Cam Blake)

Walls of Jerusalem - walk notes

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​​​​​Please note, these walk notes are intended to aid in your decision to undertake the Walls of Jerusalem Walk and do not give a complete breakdown of the walk. For information on t​​​​​rip planning, pack lists and safety information, please see our Know Before You Go pages​.​​​​​​​

You​​ must register​ for this walk.

Overnight visitors utilising the Recreation Zone Walls Circuit Track area must only camp within the designated sites at Wild Dog Creek, Dixons Kingdom, and Lake Adelaide. ​

In summer, there may be no water between the Fish River near the carpark, until you reach Solomons Jewels, approximately 1.6km out from the campsite.​ 

Day 1 - ​Carpark to Wild Dog​ Creek campsite 

  • 6.1 km, 3-4 hours

Day 1 commences with a steep, 3 km, 600m elevation climb from the carpark, through eucalypt forest to Trappers Hut and the alpine plateau. ​Once walkers reach Trappers Hut, the walk becomes significantly easier. Walkers undertake a 3km walk from Trapper's Hut, past Solomons Jewels and alongside Wild Dog Creek to Wild Dog Creek campsite. This campsite has tent platforms, toilets and (often) running water.

Day 2 - Wild Dog Creek to Dixons Kingdom​​​

  • 3.6 km, 1-1.5 hours

​After passing through Herods Gate you’re within the Central ​Walls. From here, it’s a memorable journey to Damascus Gate, surrounded by dolerite mountains, past tranquil lakes and tarns. Half way along the track to Damascus Gate, walkers have the opportunity to take a short detour to the Pool of Bethesda. Once reaching Damascus Gate, walkers can choose to ascend Solomons Throne (to the west) or The Temple (to the east). Alternatively, walkers can continue South to Dixons Kingdom campsite. When arriving at Dixons Kingdom campsite, walkers have the opportunity to undertake another side trip to Mount Jerusalem. Dixons Kingdom campsite has tent platforms and a double pedestal full capture toilet.

To keep this wild country pristine, please do not climb Solomons Throne (or the West Wall) by any route other than the track from Damascus Gate.​

Side​​​ trip – Pool of Bethesda 

  • Distance: 200m 
  • Time: 30 minutes return 
  • Walk conditions: Easy​

This short easy walk provides access to a beautiful alpine pool, nestled amongst ancient pencil pines.  Swimming and camping are not allowed in this area.  ​

Side trip - Damas​​cus Gate to Solomons Throne (1470m)

  • Distance: 750m one way, steep climb (ascending 140m) 
  • Time: 20 minutes one way
  • Walk conditions: Medium

This short yet steep ascent summits one of th​​e higher peaks in the Walls of Jerusalem, offering exceptional 360 degree views and an opportunity to observe the unique vegetation of the plateau leading to King Davids Peak and the West Wall.  Camping is not allowed in this area.​​​

Side trip - Damasc​​us Gate to The Temple (1446m)

  • Distance: 750m one way, steep climb (ascending 116m)
  • Time: 15 minutes one way
  • Walk conditions: Medium​

This short climb rewards visitors with spectacular views of the central walls area. Camping is not allowed in this area.

Side trip – Dixons Kingdom to Mo​​unt Jerusalem (1459m)

  • Distance: 1.2km one way, occasional steep climb (ascending 200m)
  • Time: 1-1.5 hours one way
  • Walk conditions: Medium​

From Dixons Kingdom, a track foll​ows a ridgeline to ascend Mount Jerusalem. The view from the summit includes a spectacular and endless sea of lakes and tarns, with majestic dolerite mountains surrounding the inner walls. Camping is not allowed in this area.​

Day 3 - ​Dixons Kingdom to Lake Adelaide

  • 4.6 km, 3 hours 
Between Dixons Kingdom campsite and north shore of Lake Ball, there is a well-marked track with hardened areas over boggy vegetation. To protect the alpine vegetation, please follow the marked track. 

At Lake Ball, follow the route through Richea scoparia heathland, heading west along its north shore.  This section of the track crosses areas of scree and exposed myrtle roots, which may require some extra attention for less experienced walkers to safely traverse.  The campsite is located 300m north of Lake Adelaide shoreline and provides a grassed area for tents and a full capture toilet.  Please note there is no camping permitted on the north shoreline of Lake Adelaide.

Day 4​ - ​​Lake Adelaide campsite to Main carpark

  • 7.9 km, 4 hours
This track departs Lake Adelaide, heading north along the Junction Lake Track towards the historic Trappers Hut.  The track crosses scenic valleys and alpine plains interspersed with cushion plants and pristine tarns, for an easy final day's walk.  Once the main track to Wild Dog Creek is reached, follow the signs and head north to begin the steep downhill​ return to the main carpark via Trappers Hut.   ​​


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