Solomons Throne - Walls of Jerusalem National Park
Solomons Throne - Walls of Jerusalem National Park (photograph: Craig Vertigan)
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Walls of Jerusalem National Park

Wild and inspiring alpine landscape.

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Safety alert: Walker registration and hut capacity
Applies from 8/7/2020

Walkers and campers need to register to undertake multi-day walks on the Overland Track​,​ and at Frenchmans Cap, Arm River, Pine Valley, Scott-Kilvert Hut, Waterfall Valley tent platform, Farmhouse Creek Track and the​ Walls of Jerusalem.  

For the complete list of walks with registration in place see the Overnight walker registration​​ page. Alternatively, go to each walk page to register. 

Some huts are open with limited capacity. For further information on keeping yourself and others safe,  see the COVID-19 safety information​ page.​

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​​COVID-19: You must register​ to undertake this walk.

The jewels of the Walls of Jerusal​em National Park in Tasmania are best discovered in a pair of hiking boots.

Located in the Tasmanian Wilde​rness World Heritage Area, the Walls of Jerusalem is a wild and inspiring alpine park with a labyrinth of highland lakes, craggy mountains and elegant stands of pure pencil pine forests. Its stunning landscape of precipitous dolerite peaks, moraines and tarns are the result of glaciation.

The constantly changing landscape is as unpredictable as it is beautiful and walkers should come prepared, as the weather can shift from one hour to the next. The unique alpine vegetation and clean, crisp air of this remote highland region is sure to invigorate and inspire those with a sense of adventure. 

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The Walls of Jerusalem National Park is spectacular and remote high country, sculpted by glaciers thousands of years ago. Today, water remains an ever-present feature in the numerous lakes, tarns and trickling streams.

With no road access to its boundary, this alpine wonderland is for exploring on foot. The most visited part of the park is inside ‘the Walls’, flanked by towering fluted dolerite peaks. To get there from the carpark, it’s an initial steep walk up to the only formal campsite at Wild Dog Creek. From hereon, it’s a gently undulating landscape, with dolerite peaks guarding an impossibly beautiful alpine garden. Here the gods have played, dropping generous dollops of lime green onto an olive-grey canvas, finishing with delicate strokes of pink, red, orange, gold and white.

From Wild Dog Creek campsite, the main track passes through Herods Gate into the interior Walls, (Herods Gate) and out through Damascus Gate to the charming historic Dixons Kingdom Hut. Side tracks lead to mountain summits.

This is an ancient and fragile landscape. At altitude, and with such cold temperatures, plants grow slowly – and recover more slowly – so please stay on the tracks to minimise your impact.

See Walls of Jerusalem - multiday walk​ for details. Most walkers spend around 3-4 days here, wandering the wilds of the Walls, feeling joyous amongst such magnificence.

Experiences in Walls of Jerusalem National Park

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Walls of Jerusalem National Park

Walls of Jerusalem multi-day walk

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Explore Tasmania’s spectacular high country with a walk in the Walls of Jerusalem. Here, dolerite peaks guard picturesque alpine valleys, groves of ancient pencil pine forests, and myriad lakes and tarns.

3 days - flexible, 23km for circuit (not including Mt Jerusalem), Grade 4
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