Peron Dunes at high tide. Plan ahead and drive at low tide.
Peron Dunes at high tide. Plan ahead and drive at low tide.

Peron Dunes

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Fire ban: Campfire restrictions 2022 - 2023
Applies from 20/12/2022

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Campfire restrictions are in place for this site.  This means you will not be able to use campfires, pot fires and other solid fuel stoves. Gas stoves and gas barbecues are still permitted.

Unattended or poorly constructed campfires can escape and become bushfires. Campfire restrictions ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable camping experience.

For more information see our Campfire restrictions news page, the Campfire safety and restrictions webpage, or view the State Fire Restrictions map for 2022-2023.​

 Campfire restrictions 2022 - 2023 (PDF 2Mb)

Last reviewed 15/12/2022 10:04 AM


​Map : Tasmap 1:100000 - Georges Bay
Distance : Vehicle Recreation Area​​​​
Rating : Difficult - for experienced four-wheel drive and motorbike users only. Deep bogs, steep slopes, soft sand are likely to be encountered. 

Peron Dunes is classified as a Vehicle Recreation Area used by all types of recreational vehicles, including 4WD vehicles, dune buggies and all-terrain vehicles. Care is necessary to avoid accidents. 

All vehicles must stay within boundary limits marked by signs about 1 km north-east and 3 km south of the entry point onto the beach. Beyond the limits at​ each end of the access point, along the ​beach and within the dunes are sensitive bird breeding areas. The dunes are also a sensitive ecosystem which can be damaged by both foot and vehicle traffic.  This can lead to ‘blowouts’ and damage to the sensitive beach environment. For this reason vehicular use is restricted to an area set aside at Peron Dunes.

There are no camping areas at Peron Dunes. Camping is available at ​Humbug Point to the north and Diana's Basin south of Peron Dunes.​


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