A family with a flash light are admiring the Gunns Plains Caves
Gunns Plains Caves (photograph: Gunns Plains Caves)

Gunns Plains Cave State Reserve

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​Best described as a ‘hidden gem’, the Gunns Plains Cave State Reserve is home to some of the most remarkable Tasmanian caves. On a guided cave tour you will see impressive calcite shawls and flowstones, and an array of formations showcasing the rich colours and silver-speckled calcite crystals of the underground.

Glow worms dot areas of the cave like stars, and the underground river that formed the cave still flows underfoot as you venture along the walkway. Platypus sleep and nest in the river’s sandy banks, while freshwater crayfish, fish and eel live in its waters.

Gunns Plains Cave is one of the oldest Tasmanian cave reserves. It was proclaimed a State Reserve in 1918, some years after a hunter reputedly came across it when his dog fell into a hole that formed part of the cave. It became one of Tasmania’s early tourism attractions.

Visitors can join one of the six daily guided tours to see the impressive stalactites, stalagmites, helictites and flowstone of this spectacular cave.

Descend the entrance steps and dramatic LED lighting grad​ually exposes thin, curtain-like shawls and the cave's largest speleothem, the Wedding Cake.  

The walking trail along the cave floor reveals even more deposits of calcite and carbonate as they appear to flow through the cavern.

It's hard to believe this subterranean fairyland is concealed beneath the potato crops and hop fields which thrive in the red basalt soil of Gunns Plains.  

Take a picnic and enjoy the view above ground as well the delights deep below.

Experiences in Gunns Plains Cave State Reserve

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