Well-equipped walkers, walking through buttongrass plain on the Overland Track in Summer
Well-equipped walkers on the Overland Track in Summer (photograph: Andrew Englisch)

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Safety alert: COVID-19 walker registration and hut capacity
Applies from 8/7/2020

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Registration is required for walkers and campers undertaking multi-day walks on the Overland Track​,​ and at Frenchmans Cap, Arm River, Pine Valley, Scott-Kilvert Hut, Waterfall Valley tent platform, Farmhouse Creek Track and the​ Walls of Jerusalem​​. This is for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes. 

To register, go to each walk page. Alternatively see the complete list go to the Overnight walker registration​ page.

Some huts are open with limited capacity. For further information on keeping yourself and others safe,  see the COVID-19 safety information​ page.​

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​​Australia's most mountainous State boasts some of the best overnight bushwalking experiences to be found. 

​The spectacular, jagged peaks of the Tasmanian wilderness provide an unforgettable backdrop for famous walks such as the Overland Track and the Three Capes Track​. The diversity of walking opportunities in Tasmania can take you through ancient rainforests, across unique alpine plateaus, pristine white sand beaches and along the edge of the highest seas cliffs in Australia.​​

Overnight walker registration is required for some multi-day walks for COVID-19 safety reasons and at other sites to protect the sensitive environment. See Overnight walker registration for a complete list of walks and that have registration and maximum walker numbers in place.

See COVID-19 Safety Information for important information on personal measures to take.

If you are looking for longer day walks you can chose by 'duration' on the All walks​ page.

Multi-day walks


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Walker on the Three Capes Track, Tasman National Park

Tasman National Park

Cape Pillar

Cape Pillar is a hero destination. The journey ticks all the boxes. Doable. Colourful. Fragrant. Varied. Magnificent. Powerful. Intimate. You’ll run out of adjectives – we do.

2-3 days return or circuit, 29 km return via Old Cape Pillar track; 34km circuit via Mount Fortescue and Cape Hauy, Grade 3
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Maria Island National Park

Encampment Cove Walk

Look for the ruin of a 1920s home in this sheltered cove.

4 hours one way, 13km, Grade 3
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Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park

Frenchmans Cap

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Frenchmans Cap is the dazzling white monarch of the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. Guarded by the mighty Franklin River, it is one of our most challenging, most spectacular, and most rewarding bushwalks.

3 - 5 days return, 54km return , Grade 4
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Maria Island National Park

Frenchs Farm Walk

Explore the old farmhouse and shearing sheds on Maria Island.

3 hours one way, 11 km, Grade 3
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Freycinet National Park

Freycinet Peninsula Circuit

Freycinet Peninsula Circuit offers a taste of Freycinet National Park’s finest offerings: ocean views, sandy beaches, rocky coves, orange granite boulders, mountain summits, forests, heathlands, abundant birdlife, friendly wildlife – and the iconic Wineglass Bay.

2 - 3 days, 27km, Grade 3
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Maria Island National Park

Haunted Bay Walk

Located in the far south of the island, breathtaking Haunted Bay is worth the walk.

7 hours one way, 20 km, Grade 3
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Walker on the Leeberra Track at Nicholls Needles, Douglas-Apsley National Park

Douglas-Apsley National Park

Leeaberra Track

A real treat for experienced walkers, the Leeaberra Track is a multi-day hike that traverses 28kms of forest and heathland in the spectacular Douglas-Apsley National Park.

2.5 - 3 days one way, 28kms one way, Grade 4
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Maria Island National Park

McRaes Isthmus Walk

The beautiful white, sandy beaches on either side of the isthmus shows nature at its finest.

4 hours one way (to northern end of Isthmus), 14km, Grade 3
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Maria Island National Park

Mount Maria Walk

Mount Maria is the highest point on the island – a dolerite outcrop with sweeping views south of the twin bays and beyond to Tasman Peninsula.

8 hours return, 16 km, Grade 4
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Walkers at Lake Windermere, Overland Track

Cradle Mountain (Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park)

Overland Track

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The Overland Track is Australia’s premier alpine walk – a 65 km, six-day trek through the heart of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, part of the magnificent Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

6 days one way, 65km one way, Grade 4
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Maria Island National Park

Point Lesueur Walk

Explore the convict ruins that once made up the Long Point Probation Station on Tasmania's Maria Island.

4 hours one way, 14 km, Grade 3
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Maria Island National Park

Robeys Farm Walk

Traverse McRaes Isthmus and continue down the island’s west coast through woodland forest to a small farm tucked into the hillside.

6 hours one way, 19 km, Grade 3
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Southwest National Park

South Coast Track

The South Coast Track is a challenging 6-8 day walk along Tasmania’s wild southern coastline. Wander windswept beaches, climb mountain ranges and wade (or row!) across rivers on this 85 km adventure.

6-8 days one way, 85km one way, Grade 4
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Tasman National Park

Three Capes Track

Over four days and three nights, walkers will cover the 48 kilometres, taking in tall eucalypt forests, coastal heath and Australia’s highest sea cliffs. Evenings are spent in warm and comfortable environmentally-sensitive cabins at Surveyors, Munro and Retakunna.

4 day, 3 night hut based experience, 48km, Grade 3
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Walls of Jerusalem National Park

Walls of Jerusalem multi-day walk

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Explore Tasmania’s spectacular high country with a walk in the Walls of Jerusalem. Here, dolerite peaks guard picturesque alpine valleys, groves of ancient pencil pine forests, and myriad lakes and tarns.

3 days - flexible, 23km for circuit (not including Mt Jerusalem), Grade 4
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