Sawback Range - Adamsfield Conservation Area
Sawback Range - Adamsfield Conservation Area (photograph: Hayley Rayner)

Saw Back Range Track

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Closed area: Sawback Range Track - winter closure
Applies from 17/6/2024

​The Sawback Track is closed for the winter period. 

Reopening of this track is likely to occur early November but is subject to inspections determining if road conditions are suitable. 

The annual road closure ensures that damage to the fragile mudstone soils is greatly reduced.
Vehicle access to Adamsfield is still available via Clearhill Road (and the Adamsfield Track).
For any further information, please contact the Mount Field Visitor Centre on 03 6288 1149.

Last reviewed 17/6/2024 01:07 PM

The Saw Back Track is not recommended for people with limited four-wheel driving (4WD) experience or for solo drivers. Vehicles must have good clearance and recovery gear. Mobile phone coverage is not reliable in this area. Crossing the Adams River can be difficult when the water level is high, or the river is flowing fast – use caution when crossing. The area is an old mining site, care must be taken when exploring as the ground can be unstable and a number of old mine shafts are present, some filled with water.


Map : Tas​map​ 1:50000 - Lake Pedder
Distance : 11.5km
Rating : Difficult - for experienced 4WD and motorbike users only. Deep bogs and steep slopes are likely to be encountered. Not suitable for solo vehicles.

Located in the Adamsfield Conservation Area, the Saw Back Range Track provides users with a challenging route to reach the Adamsfield Historic Site.

All users of the Saw Back Range Track are required to apply for a permit and a key, which can be obtained from the Mount Field Visitor Centre. You will need to apply for your permit in advance by completing the online application. Each vehicle driver will need to apply for an authority. 

Please respect the historic relics in this area, they are protected and it is an offence to remove them.


Camping is permitted at the Village Green camping area in Adamsfield only. There are no toilets, please follow Leave No Trace principles.

Campfires are permitted in designated fireplace in the Village Green camping area, only when there are no fire restrictions in place.  

The track

The track is closed annually from approximately June to October to prevent damage to the fragile mudstone soils.

A maximum of 12 vehicles are permitted at one time.

Applications for authorities must be received in advance for each vehicle. 

Applications will not be approved if made on the same day as key collection.​​


Mount Field Visitor Centre
66 Lake Dobson Rd
National Park TAS 7140
Phone: 03 6288 1149