A landscape of the ocean view from Climies Track.
Granite Creek from Climies Track

Climies Track

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Safety alert: Whale carcasses on the West Coast
Applies from 1/4/2022

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Following the mass stranding of long-finned pilot whales near Strahan in September 2020, the majority of carcasses from within Macquarie Harbour, and on the southern end of Ocean Beach (from Macquarie Heads to Ocean Beach Trail) have been removed and/or buried.

Large numbers of whale carcasses remain in other areas, including along the ocean coastline from Cape Sorrell to Low Rocky Point, and along the northern end of Ocean Beach (from Ocean Beach Trail to Trial Harbour).

The public and dogs must not approach or come into contact with whale carcasses. Contact can be hazardous and spread harmful bacteria. Visitors are strongly encouraged to check for carcasses upstream of the coastline in creeks and rivers before collecting drinking water; and to be aware that additional native scavengers and predators have likely been attracted to the area by the whales.

It is an offence under the Whales Protection Act 1988 to interfere, obtain or possess any part or product of a whale.

The Parks and Wildlife Service expects whale carcasses will move with the tides, and continue to wash up and down the coastline for some time. Heavy storm activity may also uncover previously buried whale carcasses. 

The Parks and Wildlife Service apologises for any inconvenience.​​​​

Last reviewed 7/4/2022 10:19 AM


​​Map Tasmap​ 1:25000 - Heemskirk
Distance : 20 km one way
​​​​​​Rating : Very Difficult - ​Suitable for high clearance vehicles with dual range and tyres suitable for the terrain. Drivers should have extensive and advanced experience as there are several technical challenges. Recommended to be done in groups of four or more vehicles, as vegetation is too low to winch from.

The scenery is spectacular, with the ocean often whipped up by the Roaring Forties wind. Picturesque waterfalls, clifftops and wonderful mountain views are encountered along the way. 

Climies Track follows a hilly coastal route through Mt Heemskirk Regional Reserve​ between Granville Harbour and Trial Harbour. The track is suitable for experienced 4WD drivers only, with hill-climbs, bog holes, rocky river crossings, and muddy eroded sections. 

There are campsites and toilets available ​at Trial Harbour.


West Coast Field Centre (Queenstown and Strahan)
PO Office Box 62
Strahan TAS 7468
Phone: 03 6409 1020
Email: PWS.WestCoast@parks.tas.gov.au