Close-up of huon pine foliage
Huon pine (photograph: Cam Blake)


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Maria Island National Park and Ile des Phoques Nature Reserve Management Plan and the Darlington Probation Station Site Plan (Review and update)62029Review and update of the Maria Island National Park and Ile des Phoques Nature Reserve Management Plan and the Darlington Probation Station Site Plan2/03/2022 1:21:31 AMThe Parks and Wildlife Service, together with Tasmanian consultancy firm Inspiring Place, invite public and interested parties input into the development of a new draft Maria htmlFalseaspx
Liffey Falls State Reserve61878Framed by the dominant species of Tasmania's cool temperate rainforests - myrtle, sassafrass and leatherwood, the Falls are understandably a popular spot among both Tasmanians and visitors alike.9/10/2019 5:17:02 AMNestled in an area of cool, temperate rainforest, the Liffey Falls State Reserve is an easy one-hour drive from Launceston There are two car parks to access Liffey Falls State htmlFalseaspx
Lime Bay State Reserve61879The Lime Bay State Reserve is a summer camping and boating hotspot. 15/03/2022 4:37:11 AMLocated on the north-west corner of Tasman Peninsula, Lime Bay is tucked well away from the major road network Its sheltered beaches, shady nooks, great walks and convict history htmlFalseaspx
Mole Creek Karst National Park61887Explore the sparkling limestone caves of the Mole Creek Caves. Guided tours showcase the striking formations amongst the underground network of caves, sinkholes, gorges, streams and springs.9/06/2022 12:38:04 AMThe Mole Creek Karst National Park, features an extensive karst landscape of caves, sinkholes, gorges, streams and springs that weave their way below the surface htmlFalseaspx
Mount Field National Park61888Mount Field is one of Tasmania’s oldest and most diverse national parks.20/10/2020 6:05:05 AMAs the winding road ascends through Mount Field National Park the stunning natural flora transforms, offering a constantly changing view as you climb to higher altitudes htmlFalseaspx
Mount William National Park61890Sparkling white sand beaches, an abundance of native wildlife, and spectacular coastal walks all await you at Mount William National Park in Tasmania’s North-East.14/04/2022 1:18:06 AMMount William National Park is a pristine paradise tucked away on the far North-East Coast of Tasmania, at the northern end of the Bay of Fires The coastal birdlife is just as htmlFalseaspx
Narawntapu National Park61891The diverse coastal landscapes of north-west Tasmania make Narawntapu the ideal place to experience Tasmania’s wildlife.7/04/2022 5:15:58 AMWide open plains that are abundant in wildlife create a wonderful location to meet some of Tasmania’s friendliest locals Narawntapu National Park is a great place to get to know htmlFalseaspx
Rocky Cape National Park61895Striking rock formations, an incredible variety of flowering plants and important Aboriginal heritage all make the park, on the shores of Bass Strait in Tasmania’s far north-west, worth exploring.7/03/2022 10:31:21 PMStriking rock formations, an incredible variety of flowering plants and important Aboriginal heritage all make this park, on the shores of Bass Strait in Tasmania’s far north-west htmlFalseaspx
Savage River National Park61898Wild and inaccessible, Savage River National Park protects extensive cool temperate rainforest. 6/02/2020 6:38:02 AMRich hues of green, crisp fresh air and ancient rainforests make up the remote and primeval Savage River National Park This inaccessible reserve protects one of the few remaining htmlFalseaspx
South Bruny National Park61900South Bruny National Park contains some of Tasmania’s most spectacular coastal scenery, from towering cliffs to long sandy beaches, with the vast Southern Ocean as an impressive backdrop. 12/04/2022 1:06:39 AMThere is something about Bruny Island that captures the imagination of those who visit and no place is this more evident than in South Bruny National Park – a place beloved for htmlFalseaspx
Ben Lomond National Park61952Walkers, skiers and adventure-seekers can experience true alpine conditions in the magnificent surroundings of Ben Lomond National Park.19/05/2022 1:21:58 AMThe spectacular ascent of Jacobs Ladder at Ben Lomond is quite possibly the most hair-raising and impressive alpine road in Tasmania A series of switchbacks on the famous road htmlFalseaspx
Douglas-Apsley National Park61956Douglas-Apsley National Park is on Tasmania’s beautiful east coast. The park’s distinctive features include eucalypt forests and heathlands, spectacular gorges and waterfalls, and a variety of rare and protected species.27/08/2021 6:34:13 AMThis understated national park near Bicheno, on the East Coast of Tasmania, is a gem awaiting discovery by those with a real sense of adventure It’s a place of surprising contrasts htmlFalseaspx
Florentine River Regional Reserve61958Renowned for its expanses of wet eucalypt forest and temperate rainforest, you can find some of the tallest flowering trees on earth in the Florentine River Regional Reserve.9/10/2019 5:17:02 AMLess than two hours from Hobart, the Florentine River Regional Reserve feels like stepping into another world Said to be the last haunt of the now extinct thylacine, or Tasmanian htmlFalseaspx
Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park61959Located south of Strahan in the heart of The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park offers a dramatic take on the Tasmanian wilderness.28/06/2022 5:19:29 AMIn Tasmania’s west, the rivers are wild, the landscape is rugged and the mountain peaks are dramatic and imposing Pristine fresh waters stained by tannins from surrounding htmlFalseaspx
Freycinet National Park61960Freycinet National Park has a magic all of its own, come and explore the coastal landscapes and beaches that make this a must see destination.13/04/2022 11:36:37 PMAround the world, national parks have been created to preserve truly magical places and t​here’s no doubt Freycinet National Park has a magic all of its own htmlFalseaspx
Gunns Plains Cave State Reserve61962Take a guided tour around one of Tasmania's 'hidden gems.'11/07/2019 7:16:46 AMBest described as a ‘hidden gem’, the Gunns Plains Cave State Reserve is home to some of the most remarkable Tasmanian caves On a guided cave tour you will see impressive calcite htmlFalseaspx
Hartz Mountains National Park61963​Hartz Mountains National Park has been shaped by ancient glaciers and offers visitors a window into Tasmania’s remote and rugged south-west wilderness. You’ll feel on top of the world as you gaze out at the seemingly endless mountain peaks, stretching towards Tasmania’s southern coast.26/10/2020 7:52:27 AMHartz Mountains National Park has been shaped by ancient glaciers and offers visitors a window into Tasmania’s remote and rugged south-west wilderness You’ll feel on top of the htmlFalseaspx
Hastings Caves State Reserve61964Hastings Cave State Reserve has a number of activities for you and your family. Choose from spectacular caves, thermal springs, short walks and relaxing picnic grounds. 16/12/2021 1:10:03 AMDue to COVID-19 restrictions​ - bookings must be made prior to the intended cave tour For tour times, costs and bookings see the Hastings Cave and Thermal Springs page htmlFalseaspx
Kent Group National Park61969Lying midway in eastern Bass Strait is the remote Kent Group National Park – a bewitching cluster of granite islands (including Deal, Erith and Dover) rimmed by turquoise waters and replete with tame wildlife. 23/01/2020 12:42:59 AMAs beautiful as it is remote, Kent Group National Park is made up of a group of islands and islets, situated halfway between Wilsons Promontory in Victoria and Flinders Island off htmlFalseaspx
Lake St Clair (Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park)61971Part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Lake St Clair is every walker’s dream. It offers leisurely lakeside strolls, beautiful forest trails, and overnight bushwalks.24/09/2021 4:15:46 AMThe atmosphere at Lake St Clair is moody and ethereal – there’s an almost enchanted presence at this tranquil place The Aboriginal name for Lake St Clair is leeawuleena, meaning htmlFalseaspx
Southwest National Park62094Tasmania’s largest reserve, Southwest National Park, contains dramatic mountain ranges and spectacular coastal landscapes, all subject to wild, changeable weather. Take a scenic drive or challenge yourself with the multi-day South Coast Track walk.12/04/2022 6:31:26 AMNote: Overnight walker registration​ is required for some walks in this park Tasmania’s largest expanse of wilderness is located in Southwest National Park – a remote and rugged htmlFalseaspx
St Columba Falls State Reserve62095St Columba Falls State Reserve makes a refreshing break from your East Coast adventure; perfect for a short walk and a picnic. Just 30 minutes from St Helens, the reserve is home to the St Columba Falls, a 90 metre cascade flowing from the foothills of Mount Victoria. 11/07/2019 7:16:53 AMAt St Columba Falls State Reserve, the cascading fresh waters of St Columba Falls plunge almost 90 metres from the Mount Victoria foothills to the valley of the South George River htmlFalseaspx
Strzelecki National Park62096With striking granite mountains, rugged coastlines, and an abundance of rare plants and animals, Strzelecki National Park on Flinders Island offers a wealth of opportunities for visitors to explore.12/04/2022 5:12:20 AMMount Strzelecki is the highest point on Flinders Island and the namesake of this national park The mountain’s distinctive peaks are even visible from mainland Tasmania htmlFalseaspx
Tasman National Park62099Tasman National Park is culturally rich and scenically stunning. Encompassing Forestier and Tasman peninsulas, the Park includes Australia’s highest sea cliffs, Shipstern Bluff surf mecca, and the award-winning Three Capes Track.14/04/2022 2:06:28 AMTasman National Park is a wild, yet accessible park of tall forests and a truly spectacular coastline Waters from the Southern Ocean collide with the towering sea cliffs of the htmlFalseaspx
The Nut State Reserve62101The striking geological formation of The Nut in Stanley rises from Bass Strait and towers over the historic town in North-West Tasmania.14/06/2022 6:36:19 AMThe striking geological formation of The Nut in Stanley rises from Bass Strait and towers over the historic town in North-West Tasmania This iconic Tasmanian site is the core of a htmlFalseaspx
Walls of Jerusalem National Park62104The Walls of Jerusalem National Park is a magnificent, remote and mountainous alpine landscape within the Central Plateau region of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. With no road access, this high country is for exploring on foot. 15/01/2022 5:12:00 AM: You must register​ to undertake this walk The jewels of the Walls of Jerusal​em National Park in Tasmania are best discovered in a pair of hiking boots Choose from a range of pass htmlFalseaspx
Blue Tier Regional Reserve104092Steeped in a rich mining history, the Blue Tier is home to a wide variety of mountain forest and sub-alpine walks.23/12/2021 3:26:02 AMThe Blue Tier is home to a wide variety of walk and mountain bike experiences Steeped in a fascinating mining history,  you can discovery the remains of heritage sites dotted htmlFalseaspx
Cradle Mountain (Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park)588120Iconic Cradle Mountain is a place of exceptional natural beauty in the heart of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA).1/07/2022 1:31:05 AMCOVID-19 : Check the COVID-19 Safety Information for personal measures to take Overnight walker registratio​n​, bookings and walker num​bers affect this park location htmlFalseaspx
Maria Island National Park1089015Maria Island National Park is a special place with something for everyone - historic ruins, sweeping bays, rugged cliffs and mountains, and remarkable wildlife.17/03/2022 3:55:49 AMThe ideal combination of nature and history rewards those who seek to explore Maria Island, off Tasmania’s East Coast After arriving on the Maria Island ferry, start your htmlFalseaspx
About the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service61757Find out more about the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS.)17/05/2022 1:59:13 AMThe Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) was established in 1971 to present, protect and manage our extraordinary landscapes in partnership with the community htmlFalseaspx