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Easter safety is paramount for our parks and reserves


The Parks and Wildlife Service encourages visitors and Tasmanians alike to get outdoors and get active - especially in our parks and reserves.More

Good news, Hartz Mountain National Park and other tracks are open!


In time for Easter walking, PWS have been able to re-open a number of tracks.More

New Mt Mawson Shelter officially opened ahead of ski season


The new Mt Mawson Public Shelter was today officially opened and will provide a new level of amenity for southern Tasmania's only ski field, as well as upgraded facilities for bushwalkers heading to the iconic Tarn Shelf walk in Mt Field National Park.More

Publications for sale

Many of these are available for sale at book stores around Tasmania, Service Tasmania or can be ordered from the On line Parks shop

Port Davey Marine Reserve Visitor Guide

Port Davey Marine Reserve Map, Visitors Guide and DVD

Port Davey Marine Reserve is the only harbour in southern Australia where marine and estuarine systems and surrounding fresh water catchments have not experienced significant human impact. 

The package includes the Port Davey Marine Reserve Map, Notes, an accompanying visitors guide and a DVD which describe the unique values of the area and outline how to ensure that your visit does not impact upon these values.

Available at the On Line Parks Shop when stocks available

Download the Visitors' Guide as a PDF (3.14 MB) (Map unavailable for download)

Tasmania's National Parks Screen Saver

Tasmania's beautiful national parks and its magnificent wildlife are captured by renowned Tasmanian photographers, such as Grant Dixon, Dave Watts, Dennis Harding, Rob Blakers and Steve Johnson in this screen saver CD. Bring your computer screen to life!

Available for Windows 95, 98, or Windows NT 4.0.

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Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island Nature Reserve is one of the most valuable reserves in Australia and the world, well recognised for its conservation, geological, ecological and scientific values. It is a World Heritage Area, a Biosphere Reserve, and is listed on the Register of the National Estate.

This full colour booklet, complete with outstanding photography, offers readers an insight into this magnificent island.

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Tasmanian Advantage

The Tasmanian Advantage: natural and cultural features of Tasmania

The Tasmanian Advantage was developed by the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service. With over 530 pages of information on the natural and cultural features of Tasmania, it is an indespensible resource aimed at developing knowledge and interpretive skills specific to Tasmania.

The manual will be of great benefit to tour operators, teachers, students, and anyone interested in Tasmania's rich heritage.

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Overland Track booklet

The Overland Track: One Walk, many journeys

This handy, pocket-sized booklet provides an invaluable companion for the Overland Track walker. Subjects covered include the diverse cultural heritage, unique native animals, varied vegetation communities and the very creation of the landscapes that make the walk one of the most scenic in Australia.

The engaging text, written by Overland Track Ranger, Cathie Plowman, is complemented by full colour and black and white illustrations, as well as photographs of the early days of the Overland Track experience.

Even if you are not walking the Overland Track, the booklet will serve as a valuable reference or souvenir of your visit.

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Tasmanian Trail

Tasmanian Trail

This essential guide will give walkers, bicyclists and horse riders all the information needed to travel all or part of the unique Tasmanian Trail. Detailed trail notes cover each stage of the journey, providing concise directions and information on access, campsites and facilities. Distances are given for trips in either direction, while each stage is supplemented with detailed maps.

For more information and to order go to the Tasmanian Trail. website

Cargo for the Colony

Mike Nash (2009). Sydney Cove: The History and Archaeology of an Eighteenth Century Shipwreck. Navarine Publishing

The merchant ship Sydney Cove went down near Preservation Island in February 1797. What was her cargo, how was she made and why was the Sydney Cove sailing near northeastern Tasmania? Including maps, photographs and rare pictures of ships and shipbuilding, maritime archaeologist Michael Nash documents the history of Australia's eighth oldest shipwreck.

To order contact Mike Nash

Mike Nash (2003) The Bay Whalers: Tasmania's Shore-based Whaling Industry Navarine Publishing: Canberra

The history of European settlement in Australia is closely linked with the development of primary industries such as whaling. The killing of whales for their oil and baleen played a particularly important role in the economic growth of Tasmania, with the first shore-based whaling station in operation within two years of the colonists' arrival on the Derwent River.

To order contact Mike Nash