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PWS - Fires update and impacts


Background: A number of fires were ignited by dry lightning that crossed the state in late December 2018 and mid-January 2019. The storms of 15 January 2019 resulted in approximately 2,400 lightning strikes and caused over 60 new ignitions.More

PWS Fire Update - Friday 15 February 2019


Parks and Wildlife Tasmania (PWS) can advise the following locations, reserves and tracks have been re-opened today (Friday 15 February).More

PWS Fire Update - Thursday 14 February 2019


Parks and Wildlife Tasmania (PWS) can advise the following locations, reserves and tracks have been re-opened.More

PWS Fire Update - Wednesday 6 February 2019


As a result of the emergency service suppression efforts and calmer weather conditions over recent days, PWS can advise the following changes to track openings and closures.

Snug Tiers Nature Recreation Area – Snug Falls and Pelverata Falls Tracks are open but Umfrevilles Track and Snug Tiers remain closed.

Echo Sugarloaf State Reserve – Echo Sugarloaf Track is open.

South Coast Track remains closed and is being re-evaluated for reopening.

Liawenee Conservation Area – the reserve is closed.

Rainbow Point Conservation Area – the reserve is closed.

Hasting Caves Visitor Centre – remains closed. PWS is ready to open the site when the Huon Highway has been deemed safe and is re-opened.

Walls of Jerusalem National Park – Little Fischer River Track is closed and walkers are asked to suspend trips into other areas of the park until further notice.

PWS is continuing to assess track openings and closures in response to changing weather conditions, vehicle access and the fire situation, so please refer to the list of standing closures for reserves, tracks, roads, areas and campgrounds on the PWS website at www.parks.tas.gov.au/closures 

With the large number of fires still burning and the potential for spotting, flare-ups and new starts, please do NOT venture into remote or fire-affected areas.

People planning on visiting parks are asked to stay informed by checking the weather forecast, road closures and the PWS tracks and closures page by visiting the following websites:

·         www.parks.tas.gov.au/closures 

·         www.fire.tas.gov.au 

·         www.police.tas.gov.au/community-alerts/ 

·         www.alert.tas.gov.au