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PWS - Fires update and impacts


Background: A number of fires were ignited by dry lightning that crossed the state in late December 2018 and mid-January 2019. The storms of 15 January 2019 resulted in approximately 2,400 lightning strikes and caused over 60 new ignitions.More

PWS Fire Update - Friday 15 February 2019


Parks and Wildlife Tasmania (PWS) can advise the following locations, reserves and tracks have been re-opened today (Friday 15 February).More

PWS Fire Update - Thursday 14 February 2019


Parks and Wildlife Tasmania (PWS) can advise the following locations, reserves and tracks have been re-opened.More

Additional track closures due to increased fire threat - Monday 28 Jan, 6pm


Access to some national parks and reserve areas are being managed for public safety by PWS due to the current fire situation.

Due to the ongoing threat of fires in a number of areas around the state, PWS advises the following:

  • Mt Field National Park will be closed Wednesday 30 January and Thursday 31 January 2019. PWS will re-evaluate the situation on Thursday afternoon and will advise in due course

  • Due to a fire at Waterfall Bay a number of tracks have been closed in the Tasman National Park until further notice, these include:

    • Cashs Lookout Track

    • Devils Kitchen

    • Blowhole Circuit Track

    • Tasman Arch Circuit Track

    • Waterfall Bluff Track

    • Clemes Peak Track

    • Tasman Arch to Waterfall Bay Track

    • Waterfall Bay to Fortescue Bay Track

    • Tatnells Hill from Balts Road Track

    • Tatnells Hill side track

    • Lichen Hill Track

    • Arthurs Peak hang-gliding launch access

  • PWS also like to highlight the potential closure of tracks in the Douglas-Apsley National Park for Wednesday 30 January 2019.  An update on this will be provided by PWS tomorrow (Tuesday 29 January 2019).

For a complete list of track, area and campground closures please visit www.parks.tas.gov.au/closures

With the large amount of fires burning and the potential for spotting and new starts due to the weather forecast, PWS are asking people NOT to venture into remote areas.

As fires under hot, dry and windy conditions can travel very fast, it’s important for visitors to stay informed in case conditions change.

Keep up to date by monitoring: