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Port Davey Marine Reserve


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This map is an edited version of a map that is available to purchase. See our General Publications.
Note: This map is not intended for navigational use.

Map of Port Davey

  • This map specifies the extent and zoning of the marine nature reserve at Port Davey. 
  • The blue-shaded marine area is both national park under Section 3 of the Nature Conservation Act 2002 and marine nature reserve under Rule 3 of the Fisheries Rules 1999.
  • Coordinates in this plan are based on the GDA94 datum.
  • Fishing is not permitted in the “No Take Zone”.
  • Types of fishing that are permitted in the “Restricted Take Zone” are specified in the Fisheries Rules 1999 and include:

    (a) taking abalone by diving;

    (b) taking rock lobster by –
          (i) diving; or
          (ii) rock lobster pots; or
          (iii) rock lobster rings;

    (c) taking scalefish by –
          (i) trolling; or
          (ii) line fishing with five or less hooks.
  • Fishing in the Restricted Take Zone is subject to the requirements of the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 including fishing licences.
  • All mammals, birds, reptiles and plants are protected regardless of zoning.