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Sustainable Timber Tasmania and Parks and Wildlife Service announce road opening


Florentine Road and Arve Road (to the Hartz Mountain junction) are officially reopened to the public.More

Easter safety is paramount for our parks and reserves


The Parks and Wildlife Service encourages visitors and Tasmanians alike to get outdoors and get active - especially in our parks and reserves.More

Good news, Hartz Mountain National Park and other tracks are open!


In time for Easter walking, PWS have been able to re-open a number of tracks.More

Kent Group Marine Reserve


The Kent Group is unusually rich in fish species having the highest diversity in Tasmania. The main reason appears to be the fact that the area is the meeting point of a range of influences including the warm Eastern Australian current coming from New South Wales and the westerly influence of Bass Strait. The Kent Group includes the southern most strongholds of several fish species including the violet roughy, mosaic leatherjacket and Wilson’s weedfish, and the southern limit of distribution of Maori wrasse, one spot puller and Bank’s shovelnose.

white ear Blue-throated wrasse
White Ear                                                  Blue-throated wrasse