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Seasonal campfire restrictions commence in national parks and reserves


Restrictions on campfires, pot fires and other solid fuel stoves will come in to place from Saturday 28th September at identified Parks and Wildlife Service campgrounds around the State to help reduce the risk of bushfires.More

Fly Neighbourly Advice for the Tasman National Park


Public comment is invited on the draft Tasman National Park Fly Neighbourly Advice. The draft Fly Neighbourly Advice has been prepared by the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service in response to increasing air traffic over the Tasman National Park.More

Hybrid diesel-electric shuttle buses at Cradle Mountain - a first for National p


When you next visit Cradle Mountain you will be able to step aboard one of the new hybrid, diesel-electric, shuttle buses on your trip to Dove Lake. These new buses will reduce emissions and deliver a quieter, all mobility friendly, visitor experience.More

Lease agreement for Entally Historic Site


Tasmania’s historic heritage is one of our greatest assets and the Tasmanian Government is pleased to announce a lease agreement with Entally Lodge Pty Ltd to ensure a bright future for the Entally Historic Site at Hadspen.

Since the lease was surrendered by the former lessee in 2010, Entally House has been operated by the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) at an annual operating loss of around $250,000.

An Expression of Interest was advertised in late 2013 for the commercial operation of the site, which has struggled to remain sustainable in the competitive heritage ‘show-house’ market in the region.

A private operator has long been seen as the best option for improving visitor experience and improving financial viability, while also reducing the drain on the public purse.

Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage, Matthew Groom, announced the new lease agreement with one of Tasmania’s most experienced and respected tourism operators, Mr Rob Sherrard, through his company Entally Lodge Pty Ltd.

“Mr Sherrard’s plans are for the site to be used by the public in a way that complements his nearby property Entally Lodge. Together, the two properties will provide a unique function centre. Mr Sherrard is also keen to develop artisan workshops in the Entally outbuildings,” Mr Groom said.

“Other activities which could be undertaken include tourist operations, accommodation, a reception and function centre and an operational vineyard.

“It’s important to understand that the property is entered on the Tasmanian Heritage Register and as such will continue to be afforded statutory protection.

“There are a number of examples in Tasmania where private operation has resulted in the renovation and ongoing maintenance of the property, retention of its heritage values, and the property remaining available to the public. The successful partnership between the PWS and Mr Sherrard at the Low Head Historic Site is an example of how private operation of elements of a property can be very successful.”

The lease provides for the ongoing stewardship of the site into the future and includes a number of performance measures, both for the lessee and the Government.

PWS will continue to fund maintenance for the site for the next three years and will also work with the proponent on an audit of various heritage item collections which have accumulated at the site over the years.

At this stage it is the lessee’s intention that the site will remain open to the public for as many days in the year as possible.

The significant contribution volunteers have made to the site was also acknowledged.

“This dedicated group of volunteers have ensured the site’s operation and maintenance of its beautiful gardens over many years and I am confident that there may be opportunities for those interested in contributing to the site in the future.

“Today’s announcement secures the future of this wonderful site and I welcome the benefits it will have for the local community.”

The Government commends the work of PWS in ensuring the effective management, protection and showcasing of Tasmania's extraordinary historic cultural heritage at this site for the benefit of all Tasmanians.