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Seasonal campfire restrictions commence in national parks and reserves


Restrictions on campfires, pot fires and other solid fuel stoves will come in to place from Saturday 28th September at identified Parks and Wildlife Service campgrounds around the State to help reduce the risk of bushfires.More

Fly Neighbourly Advice for the Tasman National Park


Public comment is invited on the draft Tasman National Park Fly Neighbourly Advice. The draft Fly Neighbourly Advice has been prepared by the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service in response to increasing air traffic over the Tasman National Park.More

Hybrid diesel-electric shuttle buses at Cradle Mountain - a first for National p


When you next visit Cradle Mountain you will be able to step aboard one of the new hybrid, diesel-electric, shuttle buses on your trip to Dove Lake. These new buses will reduce emissions and deliver a quieter, all mobility friendly, visitor experience.More

$1 million for Parks track work this summer


Walking tracks ranging from the remote Western Arthurs to Wellington Park in Hobart will be improved this summer in a program of works totalling $1 million.

Parks and Wildlife Service general manager Peter Mooney said that works will be undertaken on the most popular walking tracks including the Wineglass Bay track and the Overland Track as well as some of the less visited tracks, including the Western Arthurs in the rugged Southwest National Park and the Hartz Mountains in the State's far south.

"About 22 track workers will be contracted to undertake the track work over periods ranging from a few weeks to several months," Mr Mooney said.

"Tasmania has an international reputation for excellence in track work and management and this reputation is due to the skill and experience of our track workers and staff.

"Properly constructed and well-maintained tracks not only add to the visitor experience but they are important in preserving the environmental values that attract walkers in the first place."

Some of the projects have already been completed. In the Hartz Mountains in the south of the State, $50,000 has been provided to complete the track from the saddle to the top of Hartz Peak with the construction of a stone-paved track and steps.

Work has also been under way on the Overland Track since November at the northern end of the track between Waterfall Valley and Kia Ora hut.

This program totals $180,000 and includes stabilisation and hardening of high impact areas of the track.

Other projects include:

  • Freycinet National Park, where $500,000 has been provided for major improvements to the Wineglass Bay track. Work on this project started this year.

  • The Western Arthur Ranges - $180,000 has been allocated for work aimed at minimising the impacts of bushwalkers on the fragile alpine environment near Mt Hesperus and Lake Sirona. This work is underway.

  • Wellington Park - $50,000 for high priority works identified in the Wellington Park Management Strategy. This includes four sites which are in the more remote sections of the park.

  • Liffey Falls near Deloraine - $40,000 for maintenance on the Liffey Falls track.

  • This initiative is part of the State Government's commitment to progressing Tasmania Together Goal 21 - Value, protect and conserve our natural and cultural heritage.