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Seasonal campfire restrictions commence in national parks and reserves


Restrictions on campfires, pot fires and other solid fuel stoves will come in to place from Saturday 28th September at identified Parks and Wildlife Service campgrounds around the State to help reduce the risk of bushfires.More

Fly Neighbourly Advice for the Tasman National Park


Public comment is invited on the draft Tasman National Park Fly Neighbourly Advice. The draft Fly Neighbourly Advice has been prepared by the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service in response to increasing air traffic over the Tasman National Park.More

Hybrid diesel-electric shuttle buses at Cradle Mountain - a first for National p


When you next visit Cradle Mountain you will be able to step aboard one of the new hybrid, diesel-electric, shuttle buses on your trip to Dove Lake. These new buses will reduce emissions and deliver a quieter, all mobility friendly, visitor experience.More

Become a Volunteer

Partner Volunteer Organistation Register

The following community groups have registered their interest and involvement in volunteer activity in partnership with the Parks and Wildlife Service. If you would like to become involved as a volunteer with Parks and Wildlife Service, we encourage you to join one of our Partner Volunteer Organisations. Check out what they do and where they do it and get involved. If joining a group is not for you then keep an eye on the Parks and Wildlife Service Calendar of Events for upcoming events.


WILDCARE Inc members undertake volunteer activities relating to general Reserve management, walking track maintenance, walking hut maintenance, heritage site management, historic building maintenance, biodiversity management, Threatened species recovery, coastal protection, weed eradication, feral animal eradication, vegetation rehabilitation, cultural heritage management, wildlife care and rescue and community and visitor awareness and school education.

WILDCARE Inc has 5000 members Statewide.
You can join and register your individual and family’s volunteering interests on line Join WILDCARE Inc (or at Service Tasmania Shops), and receive information about up-coming volunteer events, join a WILDCARE Community Action in Reserves group (formed by WILDCARE members) that matches with your interests (see below) and keep an eye on the WILDCARE Project Calendar for a range of volunteering opportunities.

General enquiries can be sent to Office@wildcaretas.org.au , phone 03 6165 4229 or write to WILDCARE Inc c/- GPO Box 1752 Hobart 7001 Tasmania.

WILDCARE Community Action in Reserves groups operate across Tasmania in partnership with Parks and Wildlife Service staff in specific Reserves or for special purposes. When joining WILDCARE Inc you can register with any/all of the WILDCARE Inc groups at no additional charge. To find out more about each of  the WILDCARE groups listed below go to  WILDCARE Inc Groups 

1. CARes Coal Mines/Lime Bay
2. CARes Narawntapu Reserves
3. CARes Simpson Bay
4. CARes Southern Caves
5. Central North Wildlife Care and Rescue
6. Derwent Avenue Group for the Dave Burrows Walk 
7. Dry Stone Wall Preservation Group
8. Friends of Bell Buoy Beach 
9. Friends of Bass Strait Islands
10. Friends of Claytons House 
11. Friends of Conningham Reserve 
12. Friends of Deal Island
13. Friends of Franklin River 
14 . Friends of Freycinet
15. Friends of Gordons Hill Rd NRA
16. Friends of Lillico Penguins 
17. Friends of Maatsuyker Island 
18. Friends of Macquarie Harbour Historic Site
19. Friends of Maria Island 
20. Friends of Maria Island Marine Protected Area  
21. Friends of Marks Point 
22. Friends of Melaleuca WILDCARE 
23. Friends of Mt Barrow 
24. Friends of Mt Field 
25. Friends of Redbill Point Conservation Area
26. Friends of Snake Island 
27. Friends of Tasman Island 
28. Friends of Truganinni Reserve
29. Friends of Thompsons Park Hut
30. Friends of the Tasmanian Trail
31. Friends of the Orange-bellied Parrot   
32. Friends of Trevallyn Reserve 
33. Friends of Huon Island 
34. Friends of Woodvine
35. Heritagecare - Jericho Heritage Centre
36. Heritagecare - Friends of Macqaurie Harbour Historic Site
37. Karstwatch
38. Killora Coastcare
39. milaythina muka 
40. Mole Creek Karst Care 
41. Rivers Wildcare
42. Simpsons Bay Community Action in Reserves 
43. Tamar Island Wetlands Volunteers 
44. Threatened Plants Tasmania  
45. Wellington Ranges Community Action in Reserves 
46. Whale Rescue First Response Team – Hobart 
47. Whale Resceu First Response Team - Bruny Island 
48. Whale Rescue First Response Team - Devonport
49. Whale Rescue First Response Team - Eastern Shore 
50. Whale Rescue First Response Team – Launceston 
51. Whale Rescue First Response Team – Freycinet 
52. Whale Rescue First Response Team - Flinders Island
53. Whale Rescue First Response Team - Marrawah
54. Whale Rescue First Response Team – Narawntapu 
55. Whale Rescue First Response Team - Strahan 
56. Whale Rescue First Response Team - Stanley  
57. Whale Rescue First Response Team - King Island
58. WILDCARE Baretta 
59. WILDCARE Bush Babies South 
60. WILDCARE Cradle Mt - Lake St Clair 
61. Wildcare Coastal Custodians
62. WILDCARE Deslacs 
63. WILDCARE Friends of the Bay of Fires
64. WILDCARE Friends of Bass Strait Islands
65. WILDCARE Friends of Fisher Island
66. WILDCARE Friends of Highfield
67. Wildcare Friends of Lumeah Point
68. WILDCARE Friends of Pittwater
69. Wildcare Friends of the Penguin Cradle Trail
70. WILDCARE SpLATs (Spurge Local Area Teams)
71. WILDCARE SPRATS (Spurge Remote Area Teams)
72. WILDCARE Springbay
73. WILDCARE Tinderbox Marine Reserve
74. WILDCARE Wildlife Rescue and Rehab (North West)
75. WILDCARE Southern Wildlife Care and Rescue
76. WILDCARE Native Wildlife Rescue (Birralee)
77. WILDCARE Native Animal Rescue (Tamar)
78. WILDSC'OOL Volunteers
79. Wilmot Heritage Trails

Other Volunteer Partners

The Parks and Wildlife Service welcomes all volunteer and community groups that would like to undertake volunteer activities on reserved land. Many groups have been established to care for particular places that include land managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service. Other groups, established for other reasons (eg recreational clubs), often undertake volunteer activities as an adjunct to their recreation. You may like to join one or more of the following groups that operate in your area of interest.

2. Stewarts Bay Coastcare Group

Stewarts Bay Coastcare Group cares for the Stewarts Bay State Reserve and environs and undertakes volunteer activity related to coastal protection, vegetation rehabilitation, weed eradication and visitor/community awareness and education. For more information, and to find out how to join, contact Anni McGinniss annimcginniss@dodo.com.au or phone (03) 62502268

3. Southern Beaches Landcare/Coastcare Inc

The Southern Beaches Landcare/Coastcare Inc (SBLC) has been actively caring for reserved land in the Southern Beaches area for over 16 years. They work on a number of reserves, including Park Beach, Carlton Beach, red Ochre Beach, Okine's Beach, Lewisham, Primrose Sands, Connelly's Marsh and Jack's Flat. They work on rehabilitation of the reserves primarily through weeding, revegetation and erosion control, public education and collaborate with schools, local council and other groups.
For more information and to find out how to join, please contact Gwen Egg on gwenegg@gmail.com, or phone 6265 8335.

4. Tranmere and Clarence Plains Landcare/Coastcare Inc

Tranmere and Clarence Plains Landcare/Coastcare Inc (TACPLACI) have been working on reserves for many years, rehabilitating habitat, mainly through weeding, revegetation and erosion control. Their worksites are spread around Tranmere and the Clarence Plains, including Howrah and Rokeby.They also conduct public education campaigns regarding the local area and work cooperatively with schools, councils and other groups.
For more information and to find out how to join, please contact Geraldine Robinson on 6247 3127, Pene Thornton on 6247 7920 or email ger_robinson@hotmail.com  

5. Rosny Hill/Montagu Bay Landcare and Coastcare Group Inc.

This group has been active for over 15 years and focusses on rehabilitation of the foreshore to the south of the Tasman Bridge around the Rosny area and Rosny Hill Nature Recreation Area. The group works primarily on weed control, revegetation and erosion control, as well as public education and working with local council, schools, and other organisations.
To find out more or to join, please contact Carole Edwards on 62382908 or email edwardsc@hobartcity.com.au.

6. Mountain Huts Preservation Society (MHPS)

The Mountain Huts Preservation Society Inc (MHPS) was founded  in 1988.  MHPS members take an active role in maintaining, preserving and restoring a variety of structures within the Tasmanian Central Plateau and adjoining areas, while at the same time promoting conservation of the natural environment and undertaking historical research of the cultural environment. To find out more, visit the website www.mountainhuts.com.au

7. Friends of Joseph Lyons Cottage, Stanley

Volunteers open this valuable heritage site situated in Stanley on Tasmania's North West Coast. Birth place of Tasmania's only Prime Minister, the site has a steady stream of visitors including tourists from afar and Tasmanian school groups. The team welcomes new members who live locally and are available to join the roster or able to provide relief hours.  If you would like to know more please contact stephen.mansfield@parks.tas.gov.au phone 03 64298727 or mobile 0428 576 229

8. Clarence Mountain Bike Park Association

Primarily a recreation group, the Clarence Mountain Bike Park Association undertakes volunteer work in the Meehan Range Nature Reserve, maintaining tracks, weeding and providing information to reserve users.
More information can be found here Contact Clint Siggins 0457706441 if you would like to be involved with the group and its volunteer activities.

9. Friends of Peter Murrell Reserves

This group assists the Parks and Wildlife Service to manage the Peter Murrell Reserves at Kingston/Blackmans Bay by undertaking agreed activities, such as weed control within the reserves and providing information. The group also takes an active interest in developments that may impact the reserves. It meets bimonthly on Thursday nights and has working bees on Sunday mornings. For more information contact Annie Wapstra on 6267 2939.

10. Bridport Coastcare

Contact John Davey 0419306285 davey@microtech.com.au

11.Bellingham Progress Association

Contact Jeff Simms 63951359

12. Tomahawk Progress Association

Contact June Gee 63552293 junegee33@gmail.com

13. Furneaux Landcare

Contact Hugh MacTier 63598426 durrisfarm@bigpond.com

14. Friends of Rocky Hills

Contact Alison Wallace alisonwallace5@bigpond.com

15. Earth and Ocean Network

Contact Helen Preston hpreston@fastmail.fm

16. Land Rover Owners Club

Contact Jim Spaulding president@lroctasmania.com

17. Rubicon Coast and Landcare

Contact John Boevink rubicon_inc@hotmail.com

18. Friends of Deep Creek

Contact Gail Connerley 64261596

19. Ben Lomond Committee

Contact Adrian Beswick 0438253111 ben_lomond_committee@hotmail.com

20. North West Walking Club

This group is primarily a recreational group undertaking a variety of bushwalks with members. The main volunteer activity focus for the group is the Penguin Cradle Trail in North West Tasmania, particularly in the Dial Range to Speeler Plains. The North West Walking club is strongly associated with Wildcare Friends of Penguin Cradle Trail (see Wildcare Inc)
Greig Clarke
Postal: PO Box 107 Ulverstone 7315 
Phone:  Phone 64251766 
For more information about this group go to www.nwwc.org.au