View of Ransons Beach from Waterhouse Conservation Area campgrounds
View of Ransons Beach from Waterhouse Conservation Area campgrounds

Waterhouse camping

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Fire ban: Campfire restrictions are in place
From 21/10/2019, last reviewed 1/1/2020

​Campfire restrictions are now in place for this site.  This means you will not be able to use campfires, pot fires and other solid fuel stoves. Gas stoves and gas barbecues are still permitted.

Parts of Tasmania are experiencing the driest conditions for the past three years with traditionally wet or damp gullies now dry. An above average fire season has been forecast for the east and south eastern parts of Tasmania due to warmer and drier conditions.

These conditions have increased the risk of unattended or poorly constructed campfires escaping and becoming bushfires. We have a duty of care to our community and want to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable camping experience.

Caravan/Campervan    Tent   

​No fees​ apply.


Bookings are not taken for this campground​. Sites are first in best served. Maximum length of stay is applicable.


​​​Visitors are encouraged to bring gas stoves or barbecues for cooking. Campfires, if permitted outside of summer season, should be at least three metres from any overhanging vegetation or trees.

Black​mans Lagoon 

There are two small campsites that are fenced and adjacent to a pine plantation. The campsites are at the southern end of the lagoon and are particularly popular in trout season and duck season. No facilities are located at this campsite. Camping is not permitted around the lagoon edge. Ocean Beach is accessible from the campsite by 4WD vehicle.

Big Waterhouse Lake 

The campsite is located on the northern shore of the lake and ​is small with no facilities. It is mainly used by duck hunters and anglers.

South Croppies

These campsites are dispersed around the northern side of the point, South Croppies Road, and the track to the southern side of the point. There are no facilities.

Waterhouse Point

Waterhouse Point is the largest of the camping areas with several popular spots behind the beach, including camping zones known as Village Green, Mathers and Waterhouse Point. Each zone is equipped with 'closed composting system' hybrid toilets. These toilets are sensitive to chemicals and dumping of portable toilets is not permitted. The nearest dump stations are at Scottsdale, St Helens, George Town or Bridport.

Ransons Beach

The camping area includes four campsites at Casuarina Hill where a new hybrid composting toilet system can be found as well as limited camping sites at Ransons Beach campsite area.​