Wild Dog Creek camping platform
Wild Dog Creek camping platform (photograph: PWS)

Walls of Jerusalem overnight walker camping

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Alerts for Walls of Jerusalem overnight walker camping

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Closed area: Aerial Shooting Operations - Walls of Jerusalem National Park and western section Central Plateau Conservation Area
Applies from 1/5/2023

​Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service is undertaking a wild fallow deer control project within the Walls of Jerusalem National Park and the western section of the Central Plateau Conservation Area.

The wild fallow deer control project is an aerial shooting program for the month of May 2023 and 2024. 

The control area will be closed to all users from Monday, 1 May to Sunday, 4 June 2023

Areas closed to public access

  • Walls of Jerusalem National Park
  • Central Plateau Conservation Area, west of Highland Lakes Road and north of Marlborough Rd and Lyell Highway
  • Tracks that start within the Meander Conservation Area and Great Western Tiers Conservation Area west of Highland Lakes Road

More detailed information is available in the FAQs or visit the TWWHA Deer Project page

For further enquiries please call: (03) 6701 2104​

Last reviewed 31/3/2023 05:20 PM

A valid parks pass is required for entry to Tasmania's national parks.

No camping fees apply.


Registration is required for this walk. ​Visit the Walls of Jerusalem walker registration page to register.


​​​​​​​​​For overnight walkers there are small campsites at Wild Dog Creek, Dixons Kingdom and Lake Adelaide.

See the Walls of Jerusalem walk notes ​page for information on walks leading to these campsites.​

​See the Walls of Jerusalem multi-day walk​ page for details on the walk and park requirements.

​Leave No Trace: Please take your rubbish home with you and abide by Leave No Trace principles. Look after sensitive alpine vegetation, stay on track.

Do not feed wildlife - stow your food

​Please be aware that wildlife can damage tents if your food is not stowed well. Do not feed wildlife, it turns them into pests and can make them very sick.

There is an on-going problem with brush-tail possums ripping tents and backpacks to access food at these campsites. Possums are omnivores and opportunists. Despite our food not being good for them, they will happily eat most food that we eat. They have become very efficient at opening pack and tent zips, or just ripping a hole in a tent to access the food. 

To help protect your camping gear from damage:

  • Ensure all food is stored in sealed bags (preferably double bagged).
  • Store all food rubbish in sealed bags.
  • Place all sealed bags inside your backpack, and keep your backpack inside your tent.
  • Do not keep food in the pockets of your tent or your backpack.
  • Prepare and eat food away from your tent site.

Do not underestimate the brush-tail possum.  Do not feed them! 

​Wild Dog Creek​ Campsite

Nestled at the base of the spectacular King Davids Peak, Wild Dog Creek Campsite is the most popular camping area within the central walls area.  

Due to the easily eroded nature of alpine vegetation, especially near water, we encourage you to use this formal campsite as a base from which to explore the region. ​

​The site consists of 12 separate raised tent platforms set amongst the alpine vegetation.  The platforms vary in size and are spread over three levels, connected by a series of boardwalks and stone walkways.

The campsite also has a separate platform area for large groups of seven people or more.  To enquire about availability of the group platforms, please contact the Great Western Tiers field centre by phoning 6701 2104. 

Toilets: Wild Dog Creek also provides full capture toilet facilities. Please do not deposit rubbish in the toilet and carry out any sanitary pads, tampons and condoms.

Water: Running water is available at each of the three levels of platforms.  As the water is fed from the nearby Wild Dog Creek, it is untreated and may be unavailable at times due to environmental conditions (eg. frozen water pipes).  ​

Dixons Kingdom Campsite

Set amongst a spectacular grove of ancient pencil pines, Dixons Kingdom camping area is a popular alternative to Wild Dog Creek when conditions are favourable (this site can become wet underfoot after rain).  

With no hardened tent platforms, campers are asked not to camp directly under the pencil pines. Please erect your tents in the open grassy areas away from overhanging trees.

Toilets:  The only facilities provided in this campsite is a full capture toilet.  Please do not deposit rubbish in the toilet and carry out any sanitary pads, tampons and condoms. 

Water is available from a nearby tarn and should be treated before drinking.  

Please do not wash dishes in or near waterways. 

The heritage listed hut located near the toilet is only to be used in emergency situations.  Please do not camp within 15m of the hut. ​

Lake Adelaide Campsite

With no facilities provided, this camping area is situated at the northern end of the picturesque Lake Adelaide.  One of the largest lakes in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Lake Adelaide is approximately 4 km in length and is suitable for swimming during the warmer months.

Toilets are not provided at this campground.  Visitors must camp at least 50m away from the edge of the lake and are asked to bury their toilet waste 15-20cm deep and at least 100m from the water.

Water is available year round from the lake and should be treated before drinking. 

Please do not wash dishes in or near waterways.