View of the Stanley Nut while standing on the sand at Godfreys beach.
The Nut at Stanley (photograph: Craig Vertigan)

The Nut State Reserve

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​The striking geological formation of The Nut in Stanley rises from Bass Strait and towers over the historic town in North-West Tasmania.

This iconic Tasmanian site is the core of a long-extinct volcano and its significance is protected as part of The Nut State Reserve. It is an integral part of the life and landscape of Stanley, and offers outstanding views over the town, across Bass Strait and towards Rocky Cape ​National Park.

This picturesque reserve is one of Stanley’s key attractions and is the ideal place for scenic viewing, walking, picnicking and nature study. Take the walking track to the summit of The Nut or hop aboard the chairlift and enjoy the panoramic views. Atop the summit, explore the plateau on foot via the scenic circuit walk.

The Nut State Reserve protects a nationally endangered straw daisy and provides an important breeding site for short-tailed shearwaters, peregrine falcons, Australian kestrels and little penguins. It also protects significant Tasmanian Aboriginal and historic sites, which are of deep significance to the Aboriginal community, both present and past.

The area known as The Nut was called Circular Head by British explorers George Bass and Matthew Flinders in 1798. There is much speculation about the origins of the snappier nomenclature, The Nut. Some say it is a shortened version of its Aboriginal name, Moo-Nut-Re-Ker. Others say the side of the massif was “a hard nut to crack” when it refused to yield to explosives during construction of a breakwater. Regardless, it is an integral part of the life and landscape of Stanley, the historic town lying at its foot. 

The Nut stands at 143 metres and the summit can be reached by walking track or chairlift.

The track to plateau is short and steep. A 2.3 km circuit track around the plateau is more moderate and takes about an hour to complete. The views of the rich agricultural hinterland, long expanse of rocky coastline and Bass Strait are breathtaking. Bring binoculars for birdwatching and to zoom in on Highfield Historic Site to the west. 

There are toilets and a café at The Nut car park. Access to the picnic area with the electric barbeques​ and toilets above Godfrey's Beach,​ is either from the corner of Harrison Terrace and Green Hills road or from the western end of the grave yard.

Experiences in The Nut State Reserve

The Nut State Reserve

The Nut Walk

The Nut is a 143 metre high massif, rising from Bass Strait, that towers above the picturesque town of Stanley. You can reach the top by either walking track or chairlift.

1 hour circuit , 4.6 km circuit, Grade 3
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