Children riding bikes around Fortescue Bay campsite, Tasman National Park
Fortescue Bay campground, Tasman National Park (photograph: Chris Crerar)

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Closed area: Wughalee Falls Campsite – Tasman National Park
Applies from 2/12/2022

​​​​​​Wughalee Falls campsite within the Tasman National Park is closed until further notice. Alternative campsite Bare Knoll remains open approximately 400m beyond the Wughalee campsite turnoff. This Campsite has limited capacity and cannot be booked. 

For further enquiries please call: (03) 6250 3980​.​​​​

Last reviewed 6/11/2023 11:55 AM

​Bookings are open and recommended from 1 October to 30 April each year. Please note that you are requesting a booking only. We will be in contact with you shortly in regard to your request.

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Maximum of 6 people per site with some larger sites allowing a maximum of 8 people.

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BANKSIA – Walk in tent only, parking 30m away

MILL CREEK – Drive on vehicle based (please check all that apply to ensure you book a large enough site)

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Booking terms and conditions

  • Check-in from 11am onwards, check out strictly by 11am
  • Parks Pass and camping fees must be paid on arrival, either at the Fortescue Bay site office (open 10am-4pm daily during peak season), or self-registration (cash only). Compliance checks are undertaken daily.
  • When arriving outside of office hours, please proceed to the self-registration kiosk and complete cash payment using the envelopes provided. No change can be given.
  • If you set up camp on the wrong site, you will be required to pack up and move.
  • You can only reserve one site. To reserve multiple sites please leave a note in the comments box. We require a set of contact details for each site. This can be done by submitting multiple forms, or emailing
  • Fortescue Bay campsites can only be booked 6 months in advance from the 1st day of the month and are booked on a ‘first-in first-served’ basis.
  • All cancellations and booking changes must be sent via email to
  • Site numbers are allocated upon arrival. If you have site considerations, please provide detail in comments
  • The maximum stay at Fortescue Bay is 28 days.


Fortescue Bay Campground bookings
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Phone: 03 6250 2433