Big Tree Walk, Styx Valley
Big Tree Walk, Styx Valley (photograph: Craig Vertigan)
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Styx Tall Trees Conservation Area

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​A visit to the Styx Tall Trees Conservation Area is not complete without seeing the towering Eucalyptus regnans, also known as giant ash, which give the reserve its name. It's not just their height, with numerous species measuring over 90 metres, but the girth of these remarkable trees which render them among the largest and tallest eucalypts on the planet. They played a significant role in Tasmania's controversial environmental history and after a bitter campaign were added to the forest reserve system in 2013.

The Styx Tall Trees Conservation Area now protects these iconic trees and visitors are continually enchanted by the powerful individual titles bestowed on the Chapel Tree, Firebird Wonder, Gandalf's Staff, Icarus Dream and Two Towers.

The reserve's proximity to ​Mount Field National Park make it an ideal side trip.

There are several signposted walks which enable visitors to appreciate the forest giants and the enchanting landscape that supports them. 

For those with a keen interest in trout fishing, please see the Inland Fisheries Service website​​ for more information on where to go and freshwater fishing licence​ requirements. Please check allowed angling method​ rules for a specific water.

Short walks

Styx Rivers Walk ​

A 200 metre stroll by the Styx Bridge at the confluence of the Styx and South Styx rivers.

Big Tree Reserve 

A well-developed boardwalk with a viewing platform and a toilet. The easy grade path wanders among towering giants for 700 metres.

Experiences in Styx Tall Trees Conservation Area

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