Scenic view of a large water fall in St Columba falls State Reserve on a dark misty day.
St Columba Falls (photograph: St Columba Falls)

St Columba Falls State Reserve

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​At St Columba Falls State Reserve, the cascading fresh waters of St Columba Falls plunge almost 90 metres from the Mount Victoria foothills to the valley of the South George River. One of the many stunning waterfalls in Tasmania, St Columba Falls has a large catchment area that creates a continuous year-round flow down the steep granite cliff face.

The cascading falls can be easily viewed while enjoying your lunch at the nearby picnic area. Get up closer by following the short walking track through a forest of tree ferns, sassafras, beech and myrtle to a viewing platform at the base of the falls. As you wander, you may even catch a glimpse of one of the elusive platypuses that burrow and forage for food along the creek’s banks.

St Columba Falls is about 30 minutes’ drive from the popular East Coast township of St Helens, making it an easy day trip for coastal holidaymakers looking for things to do around St Helens.

The spectacular waterfall in the Columba Falls State Reserve has never been known to run dry since its discovery. With an average annual rainfall of 780mm, the area supports lush rainforest which provides a spectacular setting for the much-admired falls.

The downhill St Columba Falls walk to the foot of the falls features giant tree ferns and is listed by the Parks and Wildlife Service among its 60 Great Short Walks.  No bushwalking experience is required for the 20-30 minute return stroll. The track has a hardened and compacted surface. 

Interpretative signs tell the story of the reserve. To add to your enjoyment of this rainforest paradise, pack lunch or a snack and relax at the picnic area which has a view of the falls. The ground may be slippery so make sure your footwear is sturdy. Pack a light raincoat in case of rain and to avoid the spray from the casca​ding falls. 

The surrounding area, which includes the rich dairying district of Pyengana and fascinating Blue Tier, is well worth including on any itinerary to  St Columba Falls State Reserve.