Pandani (Richea pandanifolia) on Mount Anne, Southwest National Park
Pandani (Richea pandanifolia) on Mount Anne, Southwest National Park (photograph: Luke O'Brien)

Mount Anne Circuit - walk notes

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Alerts for Mount Anne Circuit - walk notes

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Closed area: West Picton Road - status update
Applies from 23/5/2023West Picton Road (prior to Riveaux Creek) is closed due to the deterioration of three structures along the road.

Both Farmhouse Creek and Mt Picton walking tracks remain open.

A vehicle turnaround and car parking bay have been provided at the West Picton Road closure.

A 15-20 vehicle parking area has been created adjacent to the new closure.

Farmhouse Creek walking track requires an extra 7.1km (one-way) walk along West Picton Road from its closure prior to Picton River Tributary.  

Also, the pedestrian bridge over Farmhouse Creek has been closed, so walkers will need to ford Farmhouse Creek to continue their walk. 

Water levels fluctuate according to rainfall, so walkers need to make their own assessment of conditions before crossing.

Mt Picton walking track requires an extra 7.2km (return) walk along West Picton Road and then West Picton Road Spur 1-2 from its closure prior to Picton River Tributary. 

Further information can be found at:

Last reviewed 27/9/2023 05:04 PM

Safety alert: Farmhouse Creek walking track - changed access
Applies from 22/6/2022
​​​​The last 7.2 km of West Picton Road has been closed by Sustainable Timber Tasmania. 

This is the access road to both Farmhouse Creek walking track (also known as Eastern Arthur Range Traverse), and the Mount Picton Track, within Southwest National Park. 

For Farmhouse Creek Track, this will require an additional 7.2km one way walk (14.2km return) along West Picton Road. The pedestrian bridge over Farmhouse Creek has also been closed, and therefore walkers will need to ford the creek to reach the trailhead.

For Mt Picton Track, this will require an additional 7.2km return walk along West Picton Road and West Picton Road 1-2.

Visitors can park prior to the closure, which will fit approximately 3-4 vehicles.  

Last reviewed 27/9/2023 04:42 PM

​​​​​Please note, these walk notes are intended to aid in your decision to undertake the Mount Anne Circuit and do not give a complete breakdown of the walk. For information on trip planning, pack lists and safety information, please see our Know Before You Go pages​.​

All overnight walkers need to register for this walk.​

This circuit is classified as a Grade 5 walk. It is suitable for very experienced bushwalkers with specialised skills, including navigation, emergency first aid and experience with heights and challenging rock scrambling.  The track is rough and steep, and regularly affected by severe weather conditions and walkers should be prepared to turn around or allow extra days. All walkers should come prepared with a personal locator beacon (PLB).

Day 1 - Condominium Creek to High Camp​

  • ​3.6km, 2 - 3 hours​

From the beginning of this track, walkers are warned that it is not for the inexperienced or fainthearted. From Condominium Creek it is a steep and challenging 900 metre climb to High Camp. High Camp facilities include a hut for emergency shelter, a toilet and​ tent sites 150 metres to the west. There is also a water tank. It is highly recommended walkers stock up as water sources are limited until Lonely Tarns Campsite. ​Walkers have the option of camping at High Camp overnight or continuing on to Shelf Camp.

Day 2 - High Camp to She​lf Camp

  • 3.1km, 2 - 3 hours

​​This section of the track is highly exposed and requires navigation by map and compass and rock scrambling over large boulder fields. Walkers will need to scramble up the boulderfield above High Camp to reach Mount Eliza (1289m).

T​​he track continues across the Eliza Plateau and over boulder fields to the west of Eve Peak (1388m) where a track junction will allow you to either summit Mount Anne (1413m) or continue on to Shelf Camp.​ Shelf Camp is exposed, and on a rock slab. Walkers should have a self supporting tent and secure with rocks where possible. This site is sheltered to the South-West but is extremely exposed to the North-East, (tents and equipment have been destroyed here in bad weather, plan accordingly). There is a toilet pod and the maximum stay is 3 nights.

Day 2 or Day 3 sid​​e trip​​​​ - Mount Anne Summit 

  • 2km, 2 hours return

Summiting Mount Anne should not be attempted when visibility and weather conditions are poor. Walkers should have experience with heights and challenging rock scrambling. The route is extremely exposed and can pose a serious threat to walker safety. Walkers may require a safety line for this part of the track. Standing at 1413 metres tall, and being the highest mountain in the Southwest National Park, it rewards you with sweeping 360 degree views of the stunning Southwest National Park. ​

Day 3 - Shel​f Camp to Lonely Tarn

  • 3km, 4.5 - 6.5 hours

The extreme weather conditions make this section of the track extremely difficult. Water is scarce along this section of the track. Walker should expect boulder hopping and be experienced in navigating heights. Pack hauling is likely when walkers reach The Notch and walkers should carry approximately 15m of rope. 

Walkers will then continue to the Lonely Tarns campsite. The site has tent platforms with anchoring chains and a toilet pod. Maximum stay is 3 nights.

Day 4 - Lonely Tarns to​ Red Tape Creek

  • ​12km, 4.5 - ​7 hours​

From Lonely Tarns to Sarah Jane Plateau, walkers will encounter a mixture of planking, rock slabs and muddy sections. The descent to Red Tape Creek has extensive planking and bridges to protect the vulnerable surrounds. Walkers will need to organise a car shuffle or walk the remaining 8km along Scotts Peak Road to the Condominium​​ Creek carpark.

Walkers wishing to undertake a side trip to the shores of Lake Judd will need to detour off the main track at ​the Anne River crossing. 

​Day 4 sid​​e trip - Lake Judd

  • ​2.2km, 1.5 hours return​​​

​At the Anne River track junction, walkers need to detour off the Mount Anne track and join the Lake Judd Track. From the junction, it is a 30-45 minute walk to reach the waters edge. There are campsites available for those wishing to spend an extra night by the lake, they can be found near the lake outlet. There are no toilet facilities and walkers will need to follow the Leave No Trace​ principles.


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