Savage River
Savage River

Savage River National Park

Remote wilderness park of temperate rainforest.

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​Rich hues of green, crisp fresh air and ancient rainforests make up the remote and primeval Savage River National Park.

This inaccessible reserve protects one of the few remaining temperate rainforests surviving in Australia and is a refuge for primitive flora, undisturbed rivers and high quality wilderness. The pristine rainforests in Tasmania are some of the only remaining cool climate rainforests that once were widespread on the supercontinent Gondwana.

Savage River National Park is a place explored by few, with deep ravines and river gorges flanked by steep mountain ranges, blanket bog peat soils and isolated buttongrass moorlands. The lack of roads and facilities are in keeping with the Park’s wilderness character and have allowed this special place to continue to flourish. You can catch a glimpse of the unique rainforest ecosystems of this area by exploring some of the surrounding regional reserves.

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