Visitors chatting outside an old timber building that was once the government Huts.
Mount Field government huts (photograph: Craig Vertigan)

Mount Field Government Huts

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Alerts for Mount Field Government Huts

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Track closure: Track to Horseshoe Falls at Mt Field National Park temporarily closed
Applies from 17/6/2022

The track to Horseshoe Falls from Russell Falls at Mt Field National Park is closed until further notice due to damage from a fallen tree. 
The track will be reopened once deemed safe for visitors. 
Horseshoe Falls is still accessible from the Tall Trees walk. 
For any further information please contact the Mt Field National Park Visitor Centre on 03 6288 1149. 

Last reviewed 17/6/2022 10:24 AM

A valid parks pass is required for entry to Tasmania's national parks.

​​​$45 per hut, flat rate


​​Bookings are required and can be made online or by calling (03) 6491 1179.

Keys can be collected from the Mount Field Visitor Centre no earlier than 1:30pm on the day of arrival.​

Please read the Terms and Conditions associated with the Government ​​Huts before making your booking.

  Government Huts - Terms and Conditions   (123Kb)​​

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Government Huts are located 15 kilometres from the entrance of Mount Field National Park, along the unsealed Lake Dobson Road which is narrow and windy in sections. Slippery conditions may be experienced after periods of heavy rain. In winter months the road may be affected by snow and frost and access may be restricted during such times. If travelling during the colder months, prepare your vehicle for these conditions (eg. anti-freeze, snow chains).


​​​​​Situated at approximately 1000m elevation, Government Huts provide an excellent base for experiencing the alpine regions of Mount Field National Park. They are nestled among snow gums and overlook a beautiful alpine moorland.

There are numerous walks within the park, many of which start close by the huts. The huts are just a 10 minute walk from Lake Dobson.

The Government Huts were established on the Lake Dobson Road in 1940s for the use of the original Lake Dobson road workers, before being moved to their current location near Lake Dobson.

Government Huts provide low-cost, basic accommodation for visitors and small groups. There are five small huts with space for six visitors each. The complex includes a communal toilet facility as well as a woodshed and water tank (but no showers).

Facilities are minimal, consisting of bunks with mattresses, sink with cold water​, wood heater and firewood, table and benches. There is no electricity, gas or other services and parties must be self-reliant. It is encouraged that guests bring their own headlamps and battery-operated lanterns. Candles and kerosene are prohibited. 

It is important that all guests staying at the Government Huts come prepared. Weather can change quickly and having appropriate gear on hand ensures that you are safe and comfortable. When staying at the huts all party members should come prepared as if going camping. The huts are in a remote location, and supplies are not easily sought in the area, especially outside standard business hours. 

Guests staying at the huts should bring their own linen, cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery and  gas cookers. Water is available at the Government Huts but should be treated before consumption. 

There are no barbeque facilities located at the Government Huts. Mount Field National Park is located within a Fuel Stove Only Area and as such campfires are prohibited. 

Please note that all huts are non-smoking. 

The recreational use of drones is not permitted in national parks and other reserves managed by the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service. ​

COVID-19 Safety Management

Due to Covid-19, PWS has made some small changes to the Government Hut accommodation. These changes listed below, have been implemented to improve the safety of visitors.

  • Strict check out time of 10am.
  • Strict check in time of 2pm, keys may be collected from 1:30pm onwards. This later check in time is to ensure that enough time is set aside to clean and sanitise the huts between guests.
  • Toilet facilities will be cleaned daily and huts cleaned upon departure.
  • Guests will need to bring any hygiene and cleaning items they require for their stay.
  • Guest numbers are to remain at six (6) per hut. It is the responsibility of those with bookings to ensure they maintain and adhere to physical distancing requirements.
  • Shared areas, such as the Telopea Red and Yellow entrance foyer, toilets and the woodshed have a limited maximum number of people. Guests will need to ensure they adhere to this limitation.
  • Hand sanitising stations are located in each hut and the shared toilet facility
Weather conditions in Tasmania can change quickly and frequently, especially in alpine areas. Snow, rain, win and sun are possible at any time of year, and bushfires most commonly occur between October and March. Deaths have occurred when people have been caught unprepared in cold, wet and windy weather. Guests should be well prepared for all potential conditions.