A lone walker at the lookout over Liffey Falls, Liffey Falls State Reserve
Lookout over Liffey Falls (photograph: Geoffrey Lea)
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Liffey Falls State Reserve

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Alerts for Liffey Falls State Reserve

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Closed area: Liffey Falls day use area and Riversdale Road
Applies from 1/2/2023

​​​Access to Liffey Falls via Riversdale Road is closed for re-construction work. The road is now a construction site and for your own safety​, please adhere to the signs and do not enter the area. 

Access to Liffey Falls will remain closed until construction works have been completed.

There is no access to:

  • Riversdale Road (section within the reserve)
  • Liffey Falls day use area and carpark
  • ​Liffey Falls (upper) track
  • Liffey Falls River (lower) track
  • Liffey Bluff track

Construction works are expected to be completed by late May 2023

For further enquiries please call (03) 6777 2178 ​​​

Last reviewed 2/6/2023 09:38 AM

Track closure: Liffey Falls - Lower Walking Track
Applies from 5/3/2023

​​​​​​The Liffey Falls Lower Walking Track will remain closed until further notice.  The track is now a construction site and must not be entered.  For your own safety, please adhere to the signs and do not enter the area. 

Public access to Liffey Falls is currently unavailable due to closures associated with the 2022 Flood event.  Land slips have caused widespread destruction in some areas of the reserve,  which has created an unstable walking track surface and impacted infrastructure is some areas.    

For further enquiries please call (03) 6777 2178.

Last reviewed 6/3/2023 10:31 AM


Nestled in an area of cool, temperate rainforest, the Liffey Falls State Reserve is an easy one-hour drive from Launceston. The main attraction of the Reserve is Liffey Falls themselves, nevertheless you can also find spectacular tall trees, plentiful wildlife and numerous small walks within this scenic corner of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.  

There are two car parks to access Liffey Falls State Reserve, upper and lower with an adjoining walking track to Liffey Falls. 

The upper car park is where Liffey Falls Great Short Walk begins. You will also find shelters, information boards, picnic and barbecue facilities at this car park. A few minutes stroll from here, is the aptly named ‘Big Tree’ walk to a 50 metre tall gumtopped stringybark with a trunk diameter of more than 3 metres. The access road to the upper car park is not suitable for camper vans, buses, or caravans, visitors travelling via these modes will need to start their walk at the lower car park. 

The Lower car park and campgrounds is suitable for camper vans, buses, or caravans.  You can follow the longer walking track to Liffey Falls from here.  The walk follows the path of an original logging tramway, and provides beautiful glimpses of Dry’s Bluff – perhaps with a dusting of snow on top, if you time it right.  As you weave your way through the dense rainforest, the track opens up to meet a walking bridge as you traverse across the Liffey river. Take a moment or two on the sturdy bridges to enjoy the calming sound of the water flowing past. A walk along this track will encounter many stairs ​and take approximately 2-3 hours return.​

Experiences in Liffey Falls State Reserve

Liffey Falls State Reserve

Liffey Falls Walk

The Liffey Falls are the major attraction of the Liffey Falls State Reserve, located on a track that meanders through tall, wet eucalypt forest.

45 minute return, 2km, from the top car park, Grade 2
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