Fuel stove jet boiler and Trangia
Cooking with fuel stoves - jet boiler and Trangia (photograph: Andrew Englisch)

Fuel Stove Only Areas

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​​Campfires are prohibited in Fuel Stove Only Areas

Before lighting a campfire, always check this website to find out if campfires are permitted​ and check onsite campground signage for any fire restrictions​.​

A number of national parks and reserves are declared Fuel Stove Only Areas all year round. This is to protect natural and cultural heritage values by reducing the risk of damaging bushfires.​

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What does Fuel Stove Only Area mean?

  • Campfires are totally prohibited
  • Breaches of the regulations can result in substantial fines.

The following types of portable cooking devices/ fuel stoves are permitted to be used with caution.

  • Gas stoves and gas barbeques
  • Liquid fuel stoves using shellite and methylated spirits (on days of Total Fire Ban portable stoves using liquid fuel are banned)
  • On remote bushwalking tracks and routes liquid fuel stoves can be used in accordance with the Leave No Trace principles, provided a container of water is at hand for firefighting.

Check your intended campground on this website and carry a portable cooking device with you if going to a Fuel Stove Only Area. When you reach your destination check the local onsite signage.  

Where are the Fuel Stove Only Areas?

The following areas are designated Fuel Stove Only: Freycinet National Park, parts of the Tasman National Park, the Vale of Belvoir Conservation Area, the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (the TWWHA includes Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, Hartz Mountains National Park, Southwest National Park, Mole Creek Karst National Park, Mount Field National Park).​ 

Designated Fuel Stove Only Areas remain in place for the entire year. 

Throughout the warmer months other locations may become Fuel Stove Only Areas due to Campfire Restrictions​.

  Fuel Stove Only areas map of Tasmania   (8Mb)​

There are a small number of places where campfires in existing fireplaces are permitted within the TWWHA, these exceptions are campsites that can be reached by car and are clearly marked on site.  

Onsite signage will indicate Fuel Stove Only Areas.