Fuel stove jet boiler and Trangia
Cooking with fuel stoves - jet boiler and Trangia (photograph: Andrew Englisch)

Fuel Stove Only Areas

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Fuel Stove O​nly Areas​​

There are some national parks and reserves that are Fuel Stove Only Areas all year round, and some that are Fuel Stove Only Areas during high-risk fire periods. This is to protect the natural and cultural heritage values by reducing the risk of damaging bushfires. 

Campfires are prohibited in Fuel Stove Only Areas and breaches of the regulations can result in a substantial fine. Campfire Restrictions are well-signed on site and on our Alerts page.

Before your trip​, check the webpage for the reserve you are planning to visit to see if it is a Fuel Stove Only area. When you arrive at your campground check the on-site signs.

Icon of a fuel stove in a green ringIcon of a campfire with a red not permitted icon over the top.

Fuel s​toves

In Fuel Stove Only areas you can use:

Which reserves are Fuel Stove Only Areas?

The following reserves are Fuel Stove Only Areas at all times:

Some areas of the TWWHA​ and Tasman National Park do allow campfires in existing fireplaces; these areas are well marked.

 Fuel Stove Only areas map of Tasmania (PDF 8Mb)​