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Fire restrictions

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​​​​​​​​​​​​Restrictions on campfire use

During periods of high fire danger, restrictions on the use of campfires will be put in place to maximise visitor safety and reduce bushfires. Low rainfall coupled with dry, windy weather and dry soil profiles can increase the risk of unattended or poorly constructed campfires escaping and becoming bushfires.

Each year restrictions are declared by the Parks and Wildlife Service in consultation with the Tasmania Fire Service, using forecasted weather conditions and seasonal outlooks from the Bureau of Meteorology.​​

Under the National Parks and Reserve Management Regulations 2019 the Parks and Wildlife Service can declare campfire restrictions on land it manages (national parks, reserves and Crown land) at any time. Seasonal campfire restrictions will generally only occur during the warm and dry summer months. Breaches of the regulations can result in substantial fines.​​

Check before you arrive

Before you go camping check whether campfires are permitted​ and whether an area is designated as Fuel Stove Only​.

When the Parks and Wildlife Service declare campfire restrictions for a site, this is what it means. ​ 

Not permitted: Campfires, fire pots and other solid fuel stoves.

Permitted: Gas stoves and gas barbecues.

During periods of campfire restrictions, campers and walkers will need to use gas or electric stoves and barbeques or liquid fuel stoves that use shellite or methylated spirits. 

Why are fire pots not allowed during campfire restrictions?

Unfortunately, some campers leave hot and warm coals behind on the ground after using fire pots. This is the main reason fire pots are not permitted. Hot coals that are emptied into the bush can easily start a bushfire, and coupled with dry vegetation and a strong breeze these situations can put a lot of campers, staff and communities at risk. ​

Please think of other​s

The Parks and Wildlife Service​ takes its duty of care to our community seriously and want to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable camping experience.​

For the sake of the park and our community, please abide by all campfire signage and restrictions.​​​​

​​Fuel Sto​ve Only area​s

Campfires are not permitted at anytime of year in these locations.​​​ Find out which parks and reserves are designated Fuel Stove Only​​. 

What is a Total Fire Ban?

The Tasmania Fire Service may declare a Total Fire Ban (TFB) on days when the danger of fire is extremely high and when fires would be expected to develop rapidly and be difficult to control.   

It is illegal to light any fires on days of Total Fire Ban.

What is permitted?

To find out what is permitted and what is not permitted see Tasmania Fire Service - Total Fire Ban.

See the Tasmania Fire Service - fire bans and permits ​page for current restrictions.

Days of Total Fire Ban are advertised in daily newspapers, on television and radio and on the Tasmania Fire Service website.