Four family memebers relax around a small campfire at Fortescue Bay

Campfires and fire restrictions

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Campfires – are they permitted? 

Campfires are not permited at any time in certain high-risk parks and reserves. 

During high fire danger conditions, such as the summer months, campfire restrictions may come into force in additional parks and reserves. Breaches of the regulations can result in substantial fines.​

To find out whether campfires are permitted where you are going you can:​ 

  1. Check the ‘Features’ listed on the left hand side of each individual park or campground page to see if campfires are listed.
    Campfires are permitted​Campfires are only permitted at sites that display ​​this icon.

  2. Check the Parks and Wildlife Service alerts on this website to see if there are any current restrictions.

    To find site alerts look for the 'Alert' drop down, found either beside or above the page title.
  3. ​​​​ 
    Example alert bar.PNG

    To find all Parks and Wildlife Service alerts across the state, select the 'Alerts' button in the top navigation menu​.​​


  4. ​​ ​When you arrive at the campground look for the ‘Fire Restriction: No Fires’ signs. ​These red signs are displayed when fire​ ​restr​ictions are in pl​ace.

  5. ​ Contact the park using the Contact details if you are unsure whether campfires are permitted. 

Campf​ire safety 

When camping in Tasmania’s national parks and reserves, having a campfire for personal warmth or cooking is an enjoyable experience. However, campfires can easily escape and start a bushfire. 

Bushfires are a huge cost to the Tasmanian econom​y, place local communities and firefighters at great risk and can lead to significant environmental damage. 

If you light a campfire you are legally responsible for ensuring that it is safe, does not escape, and is completely extinguished before you leave. 

​Remember - Soak it.  Stir it.  Soak it again.

​​​For the safety of all campers, park visitors and nearby communities, when campfires are permitted please take great care. 


  • Where allowed, ​campfires must be at least three metres away from overhanging branches, stumps, logs, trees, leaf litter and other flammable materials and should not be lit on peat soils or grassed sand dunes.
  • A fire should not be left unattended unless it is completely extinguished. When temperatures rise and the wind increases, campfires can reignite and cause dangerous bushfires.
  • Fully extinguish your campfire with water. Do not scrape dirt over the top as this traps in the heat. 
  • Soak it. Stir it. Soak it again. Remember, if your campfire is cool to touch, it is safe to leave.
  • Leaving campfires unattended is a serious offence and heavy penalties apply.
  • Please keep your campfire safe.​

Safety around campfires​

Restrictions on the use of campfires

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