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Campfires and fire restrictions

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Campfires are a wonderful way to enrich your camping experience, but it is important to make sure you know how to manage your campfire safely and when and where you are allowed to light them.​

Fire restri​​c​tions

During high fire danger times, fire restrictions may be placed by the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) in consultation with the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS), using forecasted weather conditions and seasonal outlooks from the Bureau of Meteorology.​​ This is to minimise bushfire risk to vulnerable areas and to ensure visitor safety.

Under the National Parks and Reserve Management Regulations 2019, the PWS can declare campfire restrictions on land it manages (national parks, reserves and Crown land) at any time. Seasonal campfire restrictions will generally only occur during the warm and dry summer months. Breaches of the regulations can result in substantial fines.​​

More information can be found at the TFS website.

​​Fuel Sto​​ve Only areas

Campfires are not permitted in these areas. For more information, please see our Fuel Stove Only area webpage.

How do I find out where I can have a campfire?

​​​​​How ca​n I safely manage my campfire?

  • Where available, use established firepits;
  • ​Keep your campfire at least 3 metres away from overhanging branches and other flammable material;
  • Don't light your campfire on peat soils or grassed sand dunes;
  • Don't leave your fire unattended;
  • Make sure you extinguish your campfire with water;
  • Check your fire is cool to touch before you leave it and
    • ​​Soak it. Stir it. Soak it again.​
More information on campfire safety can be found via the TFS website​.
Image showing line drawing of safe fire practices in use.