Walker with Overland Track Pass (photograph: Andrew Englisch)

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​​Before you head out, take a moment to look over our essential information for visiting Tasmania's national parks and reserves.

Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) regularly undertake planned burns to maintain biodiversity and to reduce the risk posed by bushfires to people, communities, infrastructure and services.

For more information, please see our Planned burns page.​​​​

​For current fire information, ​​please refer to the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) website​.​​​​​

To avoid delays on your journey, check the general road closure information on the Department of State Growth web site.​

In this Topic

  • Alerts
    A complete listing of all alerts for Tasmania's parks and reserves.
  • Safety in parks
    We want all walkers to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Take the time to read our safety information before you walk.
  • Campfires and fire restrictions
    Find out about campfire safety, where campfires are permitted and what the different restrictions refer to.
  • Entry fees
    Visiting a Tasmanian national park? Find out which pass best suits your needs.
  • Access friendly
    Tasmania's national parks and reserves are accessible for everyone. Find out some of the best access friendly locations for your next visit.
  • Dogs in parks
    Searching for somewhere to take your four-legged friend? There are a number of reserves around Tasmania that are open to visitors with canine companions.
  • Drones in parks
    Thinking of taking your drone into one of Tasmania's national parks? Read this first.
  • Leave No Trace
    The seven principles​​ of Leave No Trace build awareness, appreciation and respect for our natural and cultural heritage.​
  • Biosecurity
    Learn how you can help stop the spread of pests and disease through our national parks and reserves.
  • Overnight walker registration
    A number of Tasmania’s multi-day walks have registration in place. If you are intending to undertake a multi-day walk, please check to see whether you need to register prior to departure.