Aerial view of Highfield House
Highfield Historic Site (photograph: Dee Kramer Photography)

Visiting Highfield Historic Site

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Alerts for Visiting Highfield House

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Planned event: Roof Construction - Highfield Main Homestead
Applies from 22/3/2023

​​​​High​field Main Homestead is undergoing construction for a new roof.  ​The site will remain open to the public, access may be restricted due to scaffolding.

Last reviewed 2/5/2023 11:22 AM


​​​​​​​Tourin​​g ​​Hig​​​hfield Historic Site

Coac​​h ​​​groups

Coach groups are provided with an introduction to the site by one of our guides. A self-guided map and floorplan is then handed out, which allows passengers to explore the site at their own pace.  Touring the site will take approximately ​one hour. 

D​​a​​y tours

Highfield Historic Site day tours are self-guided. On arrival the guide will give you an introduction to the site and provide a floor plan of the property.  Interpretative signage throughout the site will provide more information on Highfield Historic Site and its previous residents.


For groups of over ten people, Highfield ​Historic Site ​can offer a discounted rate.  Groups are provided with an introduction to the site by one of our guide and a self-guided map and floorplan is then handed out. 

Admi​ssio​​n cha​rges​​​

​​Adults (18+)​​




Family (2 adults, 3 children)​


​​Child (Ages 5-17 - Children under 5 years are free​)


​​Students (school groups)


​Scho​​ol visits

Highfield Historic Site offers one of the most significant intact colonial farm complexes in Australia. 

​Students can get a taste of homestead life through a guided tour of the p​roperty of up​ to one hour before handing back to the teachers to engage in self-facilitated activities.


Highfield Historic Site
PO Box 74
Stanley TAS 7331
Phone: 03 6458 1100