Summer flowers in bloom infront of the historic homestead at Highfield - a beautiful, two storey, convict built mansion with expansive gardens and grounds. The Nut is a prominent feature in the background.
Highfield (photograph: Aaron Jones)

Highfield Historic Site

North-west Tasmania’s pioneering heritage.

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Perched overlooking Stanley and The Nut on a windy promontory in North-West Tasmania, Highfield Historic Site represents a stunning example of early colonial architecture from the Regency Period (1811-1820). From the large French windows of the homestead​, visitors are treated to dramatic views of the rugged coastline and Bass Strait beyond.

Construction of what is now the Highfield Historic Site marked the first European occupation in ​North-West Tasmania. Building commenced in 1826 by convict labour under the watchful eye of Edward Curr, chief agent of Van Diemen’s Land Company. The property originally occupied some 350,000 acres of agricultural land which has reduced over time and today covers 9.5 acres.

Visitors to the Highfield Historic Site can walk through the old homestead​, outbuildings and surrounding gardens and immerse themselves in the history of this significant property so intrinsically linked to the development of the Circular Head community. 

Admission prices and information on group and school visits are listed on Visiting Highfield Historic Site​. 

This historic site provides the ideal venue for your event or special occasion.