Cooks beach at sunset, Freycinet Peninsula.
Cooks Beach (photograph: Peter Grant)

Freycinet overnight walker camping

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Alerts for Freycinet overnight walker camping

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Closed area: East Coast campground closures
Applies from 25/9/2023Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service advises the following campgrounds have been impacted by fire and remain closed to ensure public safety:
  • Isaacs Point/Friendly Beaches Campground and Day Use Area
  • Franks Camp Campground
  • South Friendlies Day Use Area
Isaacs Point/Friendly Beaches Campground and Day Use Area has been directly impacted by fire and will remain closed until further notice to allow for a public safety risk assessment.

Franks Camp Campground and South Friendlies Day Use Area will be reopened when the fire threat subsides, and the area is deemed safe.

The public is urged to observe all signage and not enter the closed sites until it has been declared safe to do so.

Visitors to the East Coast are encouraged to choose alternative campgrounds such as Richardsons Beach and River and Rocks Campground for their stay.

For further options on where to stay in Tasmania visit:

Know before you go and keep up to date with current alerts:

For fire updates, listen to ABC Local Radio or visit


Last reviewed 25/9/2023 04:14 PM

A valid parks pass is required for entry to Tasmania's national parks.

​​​There is no camping charge.​


​No bookings are required.​

These campsites are accessible on foot from the walking tracks carpark in Freycinet National Park.


​​​​For overnight walkers there are small campsites at Wineglass Bay, Hazards and Cooks beaches.

Water collection points are found at a tap at the walking tracks car park and from a tank at Cooks Hut at the Cooks Beach Campground - however there is no guarantee there will be water available in this tank.

Composting toilets are available at Wineglass Bay, Hazards Beach and Cooks Beach campsites.

Freycinet is a Fuel Stove Only Area​ as it is very dry and vulnerable to fire. No fires are allowed in the national park. Gas and fuel stoves may be used except on days of Total Fire Ban, when no naked flames of any sort, including gas and fuel stoves, are allowed in the open.

For more information on walks leading to these campsites, please see our Freycinet Peninsula Circuit ​page.​​