Overhead image of Lake Rhona, Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park
Lake Rhona, Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park (photograph: Chris Emms)

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Planned event: Franklin - Gordon Wild Rivers National Park - Percy River
Applies from 26/9/2023The PWS intend to commence two prescribed burns within Franklin – Gordon Wild Rivers National Park on Tuesday 26 September 2023 as part of the annual fuel reduction program aimed at reducing fire risk to visitors, the outstanding universal value of the TWWHA, communities and critical infrastructure within and adjacent to the TWWHA.

A burn is planned for Percy River with expected fire operations taking one to three days to complete. Smoke may persist some days afterwards depending on wind conditions.

During burning operations public access to this area will be restricted.

The public will be asked to remain well out of the burn site while the burn is taking place and for the following days until safety checks have been made.

Please comply with directions from staff or any signs if you are in the area. Personnel will be operating on UHF 10.

This burn will occur under suitable predetermined conditions and will generate smoke, flames and ash.

For further information, please call 0436 817 434.

Last reviewed 25/9/2023 12:59 PM

​​​​​​​Please note, these walk notes are intended to aid in your decision to undertake the Lake Rhona multiday walk and do not give a complete breakdown of the walk. For information on trip planning, pack lists and safety information, please see our Know Before You Go pages​.​​​​​

Located in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, Lake Rhona is a relatively short, but challenging multiday walk. The changeable weather of the area, and the river crossing at the Gordon River can hamper even the most prepared walker's plans. Pack extra food and b​e prepared to turn back in the event of high waters, or wait for calmer conditions.

You need to register ​for the walk.

Day 1 - ​Richea Creek carpark to Lake Rhona

  • 14 km, 5-7 hours

From Richea Creek carpark, a relatively gentle path takes you to the Gordon River crossing in under an hour. Take care when crossing and do not attempt after heavy rainfall or if moderate to heavy rain is forecast during y​our trip. When the river is at lower levels, walkers can wade across the 50 metre crossing with care. Gordon River is the last major stop for fresh water before reaching Lake Rhona.

​The track from the river crosses some very muddy sections of buttongrass and dry sclerophyll forest before a 2 km climb towards Lake Rhona, perched 300m above the valley floor. The climb is quite steep and exposed, but with rewarding views.

Campsites at Lake Rhona are located behind the dunes and there are some tent sites trackside on the valley floor. 

​Day 2 - Lake Rhona to Richea Creek carpark

  • 14km, 4-6 hours

Retrace your steps towards the carpark. Walkers are advised to camp on the buttongrass moorlands if waiting for the river to drop, as the forest floor can flood with little warning during heavy rain. ​​


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