Aerial view of Tahune Hut, Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park
Tahune Hut - Frenchman's Cap, Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park

Frenchmans Cap - walk notes

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Planned event: Toilet Construction: Pelion Hut and Lake Vera
Applies from 2/3/2023

Replacement toilets are being constructed at the Pelion Hut precinct on the Overland Track - Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, and at Lake Vera on the Frenchmans Cap Track - Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park.

At these hut sites existing toilets, walker huts and camping platforms will continue to be available to walkers throughout the construction phase. 

At times there will be some construction noise and disturbance with the use of generators, helicopters and other machinery.

​​Works should complete by the end of July 2023.

Last reviewed 2/3/2023 02:43 PM

Walkers are required to register to undertake this walk. 

Frenchmans Cap is one of Tasmania's most challenging multi-day walks. Walkers should be experienced and well-prepared. Take the time to go over our walk notes to ensure you are ready for all that Frenchmans Cap has to offer.

All walkers are expected to know and adhere to Leave No Trace​ principles.

Underequipped and inexperienced walkers have died in Tasmanian alpine areas. See our Safety in Parks​ page to ensure you are well prepared for remote, alpine conditions.

Carpark to Vera Hut​

  • Distance: 15 km
  • Time: 5-7 hours

Your journey begins by crossing the famed Franklin River on a swing bridge, before climbing steadily out of the river valley through patches of rainforest to the slopes of Mount Mullens. From here, in fine weather, you will be able to see your final destination – the gleaming Cap. The track then descends and sidles along the foothills (recently re-routed to avoid the notorious Sodden Loddons), through heathland, Eucalypt forest, rainforest, and moorland before arriving at Vera Hut, beside Lake Vera. 

Vera Hut to Tahune Hut

  • Distance: 5.5km
  • Time: 4 hours

The first hour of this walk follows the shoreline of Lake Vera through beautiful rainforest. Then begins a long, steady (sometimes steep) ascent to Barron Pass (950m). In poor weather, take extra care crossing the exposed rocky alpine plateau from Barron Pass (high exposure, frequent strong, gusting winds). From here you'll have spectacular valley views of alpine lakes and dense rainforest, with the quartzite face of Frenchmans Cap visible in the distance. At the end of the pass is the garden oasis of Artichoke Valley and a set of vertical stairs to reach the next plateau. Meander through alpine heathland to Tahune Hut, nestled in the forest beside Lake Tahune. 

In poor weather, take extra care crossing the exposed alpine plateau from Barron Pass to near Tahune Hut; frequent strong, gusting winds can knock fully laden bushwalkers off their feet.

Tahune Hut to Frenchmans Cap Summit

  • Distance: 3.2km return
  • Time: 2.5 hours return

The track to the summit (450m higher than the hut) is well cairned. It ascends towards North Col before traversing terraces above Lake Tahune. A couple of zig-zags and some steep scrambles finally lead to the summit. Glorious views in fine weather. We do not recommend you summit in strong wind, heavy mist, snow and/or ice. The quartzite rocks are slippery when wet or icy and the route is difficult to follow.

The final ascent to the summit of Frenchmans Cap ​should not be attempted during poor visibility, or if wet, icy or under snow. The cairned route is difficult to follow and the quartzite rocks are treacherously slippery.​

For your return journey, retrace your steps to the carpark.​​


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