The new Waterfall Valley hut on the Overland Track bathed in sun with snow on the track leading to the hut.
Waterfall Valley hut on the Overland Track (photograph: Phil Cook)

Upgrading facilities on the Overland Track

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Alerts for Upgrading facilities on the Overland Track

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Planned event: Dove Lake car park and shuttle bus service
Applies from 14/5/2020

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​During the construction of the Viewing Shelter from April 2020 to July 2021, private vehicles will not have access beyond the Ronny Creek car park at any time of day. 

The shuttle bus service will continue to operate throughout the construction period. Private vehicle access between the visitor centre, Ronny Creek and Dove Lake (along Dove Lake Road) is not permitted during shuttle bus operating times. ​

See COVID-19 safety information​ for shuttle bus requirements and hut registration requirements.

Last reviewed 18/1/2021 09:55 AM

​Windermere Hut Redevelopment​

The Parks and Wildlife Service is beginning stage 2 of a three-year project to improve facilities on the Overland Track. The first stage has been completed with the new hut at Waterfall Valley (pictured above) open for walkers to use. The second stage is construction of a new hut and toilet at Windermere, scheduled for the summer of 2020-2021.

Construction work​s at Windermere are scheduled to occur from February through to May 2021 and recommence in September to December​ 2021. The existing Windermere Hut and tent platforms will remain available for walkers to use. PWS appreciate walkers patience during construction, as works will result in noise and frequent helicopter movements.​​

Frequently asked questions

Will this change where I can stay?

No. The current Windermere walkers hut, tent platforms and toilet will be available for use as normal. The new hut and toilet are being constructed on new sites and therefore the existing hut and tent platforms will not be demolished and rehabilitated until the new facilities are open for walkers to use.

Will this change the route I walk?

On day two you will depart Waterfall Valley as normal and walk the Overland Track to Lake Windermere. When you reach the overnight node just after the lake you will walk past the construction site to reach the existing hut, tent platforms and toilet. Please observe any PWS or contractor signage for short detours to avoid active construction areas. 

Is water available at Windermere Hut?

Yes, there are tanks at the hut and you can also get water at Lake Windermere which is only a short walk from the hut. However, the quality cannot be guaranteed, so you may prefer to boil the water for 3 minutes, or use iodine tablets or a water filter.​

Will there be a Ranger at Windermere Hut?

Track rangers will on the Overland Track moving between Waterfall Valley and Windermere. You may meet one at either hut or on the track. They will be able to assist you with any question you may have about the track.

Will there be construction noise?

There will be general construction noise from small machinery and hand tools during daylight hours at the Windermere node. Noise levels will vary with different stages of the project. ​​

Helicopters are required to fly in all materials for the project and to remove all waste materials. This means there will be isolated days throughout the construction works when walkers will hear frequent helicopter activity.

Can I use the toilet at Windermere Hut?