Well-equipped walkers, walking through buttongrass plain on the Overland Track in Summer
Well-equipped walkers on the Overland Track in Summer (photograph: Andrew Englisch)

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Planned event: Website maintenance
Applies from 17/5/2024

​Please visit the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service Facebook page​ for updated alert information. 

This website is undergoing scheduled maintenance between Friday 17 May and Monday 20 May and will not be updated.​

Last reviewed 17/5/2024 06:39 PM

Closed area: Patons Road, Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair
Applies from 21/10/2022

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Patons Road beyond Sardine Creek is closed due to flood damage caused by a rainfall event. The road beyond Sardine Creek will remain closed until a full inspection is completed and determined safe for visitor access.

This closure affects ATV and motorbike permit holders only and does not affect general access to Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

For further enquires please call (03) 6701 1204​

Last reviewed 5/3/2024 08:46 AM

When will bookings open for the 2024-2025 season?

Bookings will open early July 2024 for the October 2024 - May 2025 walking season.

​How many people can depart on track? 

Up to 34 independent walkers can depart (walking North to South only) on any departure date during the booking season (1 October – 31 May). 

How can I book? 

You can only book online via our website: www.overlandtrack.com.au. Payment can be made using a Visa or Mastercard. We are unable to take phone bookings. 

How does the booking system work? 

If the booking system is busy, you will be placed in a queue. You will be able to see your place in the queue, and this will update as others leave the booking site. Please don’t refresh your screen whilst in the queue or you will lose your place.

What details will I need to complete my booking? 

You can book for up to 8 walkers in a booking. Please have the first and last name, date of birth, state and nationality for each walker. ​​

Please ensure that the name of the person who is paying for the booking is listed on the Billing Contact screen. They will need to provide their email address, mobile phone number and postcode. They will become the contact point for any changes or refund requests for the booking. ​​

If you are intending to purchase an information pack as part of your booking, please provide a valid postal address. 

​Does there need to be availability for all the days I want to be on the Track to be able to book? 

There only needs to be availability on the date you would like to depart. You are then booked for the entire Overland Track walk. See the walk notes here. ​​

Transport to and from Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair visitor centres is available all year from Hobart, Launceston and Devonport, with more frequent services during summer. Please see the Overland Track – plan your trip page for a list of transport operators. The ferry from Narcissus to Cynthia Bay also needs to be booked prior to departure.  Please see the Lake St Clair Lodge website to make a booking. 

​What if the date I want to depart is full? 

Please consider a range of departure dates in case your preferred date is full. ​​

If you need to change your departure date during booking, please press the ‘Edit’ button to choose another date. Do not use the back arrow on your browser. 

Can I join a waitlist if my preferred date is fully booked?

We do not run a waitlist. Should there be a cancellation, the booking system updates in real time. Please regularly check your preferred departure date for availability or consider other de​​parture dates.

Do I need a Parks Pass to walk during the booking season? 

As of July 2023, you do not need to purchase a parks pass to walk the Overland Track during the booking season (1 October – 31 May). The booking fee now covers park entry and shuttle use for the duration of your walk. ​

You will still need a valid Tasmanian national parks pass to walk the track outside the booking season, or if you intend to visit any other national parks in Tasmania. Additionally, you will need to purchase a shuttle ticket from the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre if departing from Cradle Mountain and utilising the shuttle service. Please see park entry fee information on our website: Entry fees | Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania. ​

What if I want to do other walks at Cradle Mountain or Lake St Clair before I start or at the end of the Overland Track? 

You will need a valid Tasmania national parks pass if you are intending to walk within the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair national park before you start, or at the end of your Overland Track walk. ​Additionally, you will need to purchase a shuttle ticket from the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre if departing from Cradle Mountain and utilising the shuttle service​.

You can purchase a parks pass online in advance or at a visitor centre during opening hours. 

Do I need a shuttle ticket to access the Overland Track?

​The cost of the shuttle ticket is included in the booking fee to walk the Overland Track from October to May each year.

Visitors walking the Overland Track from June to September when there is no booking fee will need to buy a shuttle ticket if departing from Cradle Mountain and using the shuttle service.

When will I receive my information pack? 

​Information packs are sent out once a week and may take up to 4 weeks to arrive. If booking at short notice (within 3 weeks of departure), it is recommended that you purchase an information pack from the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre when checking in. Refunds are not applicable if the information pack does not arrive in time. 

What if I get my contact details wrong on my booking? 

Please check that your email address (and postal address if purchasing an information pack) is correct before completing your booking. Please also check your booking confirmation once you have received it.​

If you find any incorrect information e.g., walker names spelled incorrectly, incorrect departure date, etc. please contact overlandtrack@parks.tas.gov.au as soon as possible with your booking reference and the correct information. 

What if I don’t receive my booking confirmation? 

If you have not received your booking confirmation within 24 hours of booking, please email overlandtrack@parks.tas.gov.au with your first and last name and and booking departure date. 

Can I move my booking? 

Yes, dependent upon availability. The person who placed the original booking can change departure dates, but only within the current walking season (1 October 2023 – 31 May 2024). ​​

You can check availability on the Overland Track booking page and then contact us on 1300 827 727 or overlandtrack@parks.tas.gov.au to move your booking. 

How can I cancel my booking? 

The person who placed the original booking can apply to cancel their book​ing by emailing overlandtrack@parks.tas.gov.au​. Refunds are processed back to the credit card used at time of booking. 

Please note that cancellation fees apply. ​Please refer to the Terms and Conditions 4. Cancellations for further information. 

Members of my party can no longer come, can another walker take their place? ​

If a member of your party can no longer come, we can substitute them for another walker. We cannot transfer whole bookings. The person who made the original booking can apply to substitute a walker by emailing overlandtrack@parks.tas.gov.au.​


Overland Track Booking Team
Phone: 1300 827 727
Email: OverlandTrack@parks.tas.gov.au