The iconic Cradle Mountain at sunset with organe fagus shattered over the mountain
Cradle Mountain fagus (photograph: Anthony Robertson)

FAQs - Shuttle changes from 15 November 2023

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Alerts for FAQs - Shuttle changes from 15 November 2023

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Planned event: Website maintenance
Applies from 17/5/2024

​Please visit the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service Facebook page​ for updated alert information. 

This website is undergoing scheduled maintenance between Friday 17 May and Monday 20 May and will not be updated.​

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Closed area: Patons Road, Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair
Applies from 21/10/2022

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Patons Road beyond Sardine Creek is closed due to flood damage caused by a rainfall event. The road beyond Sardine Creek will remain closed until a full inspection is completed and determined safe for visitor access.

This closure affects ATV and motorbike permit holders only and does not affect general access to Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

For further enquires please call (03) 6701 1204​

Last reviewed 5/3/2024 08:46 AM

A valid parks pass is required for entry to Tasmania's national parks.


​​​​Why are PWS introducing this fee? ​

As a visitor transport service, the shuttle bus is a significant cost which is currently paid for through the sale of park entry fees across Tasmania. We believe $15 for a return transport service for three days to access this iconic World Heritage Area site represents really good value for money. 

Who will pay the fee?

​The fee applies to adults while passengers under the age of 18 will travel free and commences on 15 November 2023. 

How long is the ticket valid for? 

The shuttle ticket provides access to the shuttle bus for 72 hours (3 days) from the time of purchase.  Please note the pass is not transferable to other people.​

Do I still need a national park pass? 

Yes, you need a valid national park pass to access the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.  ​​​

Is there an annual shuttle pass? 

Yes, for frequent users of the Park who hold a valid National Parks Pass, there is an annual pass available to purchase for $45 per person.  The pass is not transferable to other people.  

How do I access the shuttle service with my annual shuttle pass? 

You must present to the Visitor Centre with your Parks pass and/or identification.  The staff will check your details in the system and provide you with a valid 72-hour shuttle ticket (3 days).  If you are visiting the park for longer than 72 hours, please return to the centre to access additional tickets.  

What are the shuttle bus hours of operation? 

Shuttle bus times are seasonal and subject to change. Confirm with the Visitor Centre prior to arrival.

  • Summer (1 October - 31 March) 8am to 6pm every 10 to 15 minutes
  • Winter (1 April – 30 September) 9am to 5pm every 15 to 20 minutes 

Are there any exemptions that apply to the shuttle ticket? 

If you feel an exemption should apply to you, please see the staff at the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre for assistance.   

​Do commercial operators need to pay this fee? 

Yes, if they use the shuttle bus.  The commencement date for commercial operators will be introduced in 2024 to provide time for operators to adopt the service fees into their business operations.  

​Do I need a shuttle ticket to access the Overland Track? 

The cost of the shuttle ticket is included in the booking fee to walk the Overland Track from October to May each year.  

Visitors walking the Overland Track from June to September when there is no booking fee will need to buy a shuttle ticket if departing from Cradle Mountain and using the shuttle service. 

What if I have booked to stay at Waldheim?​

Vehicle access to the Waldheim Cabins is strongly encouraged outside of shuttle bus operating hours to ensure public safety. However, access is permitted through the boom gate via authorised “swipe cards” which are programmed for set time periods if access is required during shuttle operating hours. If entering during operating hours, guests must only enter and exit the park with shuttle bus escort.  

I’m staying at Waldheim within the national park boundary and want to use the shuttle. Do I need to buy a shuttle pass? 

Yes, you will require a ticket, please visit the staff at the Visitor Centre when you arrive to pick up your keys during office hours. 

​Can private vehicles access and park at Dove Lake? 

Private vehicle access is not permitted during shuttle bus operating times. There is limited private vehicle access and parking at Dove Lake available outside shuttle bus operating hours. Please see our staff at the Visitor Centre for more information. 

Why isn’t the ticket either free or discounted for Tasmanians?

Under section 117 of the Australian Constitution, PWS cannot provide a different fee for Tasmanians.  This would be discriminatory for residents of other Australian States.  Unlike the private sector, PWS as a Government Department is operating as an entity of the Crown and must provide the same fee rate to all Australians.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

​Please contact