Ben Lomond Alpine Village
Ben Lomond Alpine Village (photograph: Dan Broun)

Ben Lomond Alpine Village

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Alerts for Ben Lomond Alpine Village

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Planned event: Ben Lomond - Visitors must carry snow chains
Applies from 2/7/2021

​​​​​Visitors to Ben Lomond National Park are reminded to please ensure that you have snow chains with you. 

All vehicles driving beyond the Ben Lomond Lower Car Park must carry correctly fitting snow chains at all times during the snow season (June to October). Visitors must adhere to any signage directing the fitting of chains.

Conditions often change throughout the day. While it may be possible at times to drive to the village without chains, later in the day it may be too dangerous to drive down the mountain if it snows or water on the road freezes.

If you don't have snow chains you can access the ski village by using the commercial transport service run by Snow Sports from the Ben Lomond Lower Car Park. Snow Sports can be contacted on 03 6390 6185 or via Chains are not available for hire at the mountain.

Daily road conditions are available by calling 0429 646 557. This message is reviewed and updated by the PWS as road conditions change.

Snow conditions are available through the Ben Lomond Committee webpage

To check forecasts and the latest weather conditions refer the Bureau of Meteorology

Be sure to buy your National Parks Passes online before heading up the mountain. Currently you are not able to buy your pass on the mountain.​

Last reviewed 23/7/2021 04:52 PM

A valid parks pass is required for entry to Tasmania's national parks.

​Please contact lodges d​irectly for details.


The Alpine Village in Ben Lomond National Park is located at the foot of the ski slopes, about 4.5 kilometres from the top of Jacobs Ladder. 

There are a number of lodges in the alpine village area and these are owned either privately or by alpine clubs. Usage is generally restricted to members and their guests.

Please contact the lodges directly for details. ​