Skiing, Ben Lomond
Skiing, Ben Lomond (photograph: Dan Broun)

Ben Lomond National Park

Dolerite cliffs and a striking alpine plateau.

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Alerts for Ben Lomond National Park

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Planned event: Ben Lomond - Visitors must carry snow chains
Applies from 2/7/2021

​​​​​Visitors to Ben Lomond National Park are reminded to please ensure that you have snow chains with you. 

All vehicles driving beyond the Ben Lomond Lower Car Park must carry correctly fitting snow chains at all times during the snow season (June to October). Visitors must adhere to any signage directing the fitting of chains.

Conditions often change throughout the day. While it may be possible at times to drive to the village without chains, later in the day it may be too dangerous to drive down the mountain if it snows or water on the road freezes.

If you don't have snow chains you can access the ski village by using the commercial transport service run by Snow Sports from the Ben Lomond Lower Car Park. Snow Sports can be contacted on 03 6390 6185 or via Chains are not available for hire at the mountain.

Daily road conditions are available by calling 0429 646 557. This message is reviewed and updated by the PWS as road conditions change.

Snow conditions are available through the Ben Lomond Committee webpage

To check forecasts and the latest weather conditions refer the Bureau of Meteorology

Be sure to buy your National Parks Passes online before heading up the mountain. Currently you are not able to buy your pass on the mountain.​

Last reviewed 23/7/2021 04:52 PM


The spectacular ascent of Jacobs Ladder at Ben Lomond is quite possibly the most hair-raising and impressive alpine road in Tasmania. A series of switchbacks on the famous road creates a spectacular journey to a breathtaking destination.

Although a park for all seasons, winter is Ben Lomond's time to shine. Boasting one of Tasmania’s two ski fields, snow sports enthusiasts can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and tobogganing. Those who prefer to take it easy can sip on a hot chocolate, while immersed in the ‘ski village’ atmosphere of this authentic Tasmanian winter wonderland.

When the snow melts, a spectacular alpine landscape is revealed and you’ll be in awe of the beauty of the rocks set against stunning views. There are plenty of walks and rock climbing opportunities, and with wildlife in abundance it is not uncommon to see several different species in a day. Ben Lomond National Park is Tasmania’s off-the-beaten-track gem – sure to surprise and delight.

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Visible from much of Tasmania’s northern midlands, the striking alpine plateau of Ben Lomond National Park sits 1500 m high. Its highest point, the summit of Legges Tor, is the second highest peak in Tasmania, and the area is characterised by winter snowfall, a rich diversity of plant life, and spectacular dolerite cliffs and columns.

In the summer months, Ben Lomond offers an abundance of opportunities for experienced walkers and rock climbers. A number of short walks provide great views of the vast screes and boulder fields, while the dolerite columns present a great challenge for motivated climbers and abseilers.

In the winter, Ben Lomond is the main location for downhill skiing in the state. The season usually runs from early July to late September, and there are 6 km of runs suitable for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities. Cross-country skiing is also a popular activity in the park. Equipment hire and instruction are provided by private operators at the alpine village.

For visitors seeking a more relaxing experience, the forested roadside areas on the lower slopes offer good opportunities for birdwatching. Wedge-tailed eagles, yellow-tailed black cockatoos, honeyeaters and pardalotes can all be spotted in the park. Plant enthusiasts will enjoy the opportunity to explore some of the 220 different species in the area, which include displays of colourful alpine wildflowers in the summer.

Camping is available. Private lodges in the alpine village offer accommodation to members only.

Experiences in Ben Lomond National Park

Ben Lomond National Park

Alpine Village to Little Hell

Visitors to Ben Lomond National Park can explore the area via this cross-country ski trail, which offers spectacular views of the glacial landscape.

1.5 hour return, 5.5km, Grade 3
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Ben Lomond National Park

Ben Lomond Summit Link Track

The new Summit Link Track makes it easier than ever to discover the spectacular alpine vegetation of Ben Lomond National Park.

30 minutes, 1km, Grade 2
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Ben Lomond National Park

Carr Villa to Alpine Village track

Colourful wildflowers in summer and a snowy landscape in winter make the Carr Villa to Alpine Village trail a joy for keen walkers in Ben Lomond National Park.

2-3 hours one way, 5km, Grade 3
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Snow boarding at Ben Lomond

Hobart and South, Launceston and North

Skiing and snow activities

Though not widely known for its snow sports, Tasmania has two ski fields operating over the winter months. Mount Mawson, located at Mount Field National Park in the south, and Ben Lomond in the north.

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Stay Overnight

  • Ben Lomond Alpine Village

Staying at the Alpine Village in Ben Lomond National Park will ensure you have easy access to the nearby ski slopes and beautiful plateau walks.

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Ben Lomond Alpine Village

  • Ben Lomond camping

Enjoy the peace and quiet at this sheltered camping spot set among trees in Ben Lomond National Park.

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Ben Lomond camping