Coastal rocks, Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area.
Coastal rocks, Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area. (photograph: Dan Broun)

Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area

Wild beaches and the world’s cleanest air.

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Alerts for Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area

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Safety alert: Whale carcasses on the West Coast
Applies from 1/4/2022

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Following the mass stranding of long-finned pilot whales near Strahan in September 2020, the majority of carcasses from within Macquarie Harbour, and on the southern end of Ocean Beach (from Macquarie Heads to Ocean Beach Trail) have been removed and/or buried.

Large numbers of whale carcasses remain in other areas, including along the ocean coastline from Cape Sorrell to Low Rocky Point, and along the northern end of Ocean Beach (from Ocean Beach Trail to Trial Harbour).

The public and dogs must not approach or come into contact with whale carcasses. Contact can be hazardous and spread harmful bacteria. Visitors are strongly encouraged to check for carcasses upstream of the coastline in creeks and rivers before collecting drinking water; and to be aware that additional native scavengers and predators have likely been attracted to the area by the whales.

It is an offence under the Whales Protection Act 1988 to interfere, obtain or possess any part or product of a whale.

The Parks and Wildlife Service expects whale carcasses will move with the tides, and continue to wash up and down the coastline for some time. Heavy storm activity may also uncover previously buried whale carcasses. 

The Parks and Wildlife Service apologises for any inconvenience.​​​​

Last reviewed 7/4/2022 10:19 AM


​Thundering waves crash against this rugged coastline in North-West Tasmania. Stand at the Edge of the World at Arthur River and breathe in some of the planet’s freshest air.

Stretching from the Arthur River in the north to the Pieman River in the south, the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area is part of the larger takayna/Tarkine area. It’s ​dynamic landscape is constantly being shaped by wind, fire and water.

As far as the eye can see, stretch the ancient homelands of the North West Aboriginal People. They have lived on this land for at least 35,000 years and were the southernmost people in the world at the time of the last ice-age.  Vast middens, hut depressions and rock art are some of the evidence of this powerful, cultural landscape. 

The Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area is a powerful place with a presence that brings a sense of calm and wonder to those who seek to explore the broad, windswept ocean beaches, heath-covered plains and mystical inland forests.

​​​​​The Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area, reserved in 1982, stretches along the spectacularly wild North-West coast of Tasmania, covering over 100 000 hectares. The Roaring Forties generate enormous swells which break on lichen-painted rocks at the foot of windswept dunes. But this place, poetically known as the Edge of the World, attracts rather than deters visitors. It is a hotspot for fishers, surfers, campers, horse riders and recrea​tional vehicle enthusiasts, many of whom regard it as their second home. The area may be remote but the 25 or so permanent residents,  shack owners, campers and day trippers all agree the journey to 'the edge' is well worth it.​

Navigate the area yourself or join a tour group to​ experience by conventional and 4WD vehicle, on horseback, by canoe and on foot.  Arthur-Pieman Recreational Driver Passes ​are required for use of vehicle tracks off the main roads. 

Conventional, 2WD vehicles can drive on any of the main arterial roads without a pass. Drive to the Edge of the World at Arthur River. Visit the shack communities at Nelson Bay, Temma, Sarah Anne Rocks and Couta Rocks. See the drovers hut and cattleyards at Rebecca Creek. laraturunawn/Sundown Point is one of the many significant Tasmanian Aboriginal heritage sites​, protected under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1975. A 4WD is necessary for the track from the south and a Recreational Drivers Pass is required to access site from the north

Give your vehicle a rest and get intimate with the landscape. Enjoy a walk along a windswept beach, breathe in the fresh West Coast air, explore the sea's debris and marvel at the ancient landscape.

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Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area

Sandy Cape Track

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The Sandy Cape Track hugs the wild west coast in the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area, a remote and windswept landscape.

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Take time to explore the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area and you'll soon appreciate why the regulars return to family shacks and campsites year after year.

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Sunset over the ocean, Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area

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