Dried banksia flower (Banksia marginata), Badger Head, Narawntapu National Park
Dried banksia flower (Banksia marginata), Narawntapu National Park (photograph: Natalie Mendham)

Silver banksia

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​​The silver banksia can vary greatly in size, from a small shrub through to a tree of up to 9 metres in height. Silver banksia is a common and widespread species that can be found in many different habitats around Tasmania, from coastal areas through to alpine mountain tops. The leaves can differ slightly, depending on the habitat the banksia has grown in. The flowers are tubular in shape, yellow in colour and show from spring through to early summer.  Silver banksias are a significant source of nectar for both insects and birds in Tasmania. 

Common name: Silver banksia​​

Scientific name: Banksia marginata​

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