Walker overlooking the Eastern Arthur Ranges
Eastern Arthur Ranges (photograph: Grant Dixon)

Walker registration encouraged for some overnight walks

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The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) is encouraging bushwalkers to register their intention to undertake overnight walks in some of the State's most remote and pristine locations.   

The registration system helps to better manage and protect these fragile remote bushwalking environments from damage caused by overcrowding at popular overnight walks and provide a better social experience for walkers.

Many sites do not have the capacity to accommodate additional walkers who are camping due to the terrain, limited tent platforms and remote sensitive locations.

The PWS will continue to adapt and improve the registration system in consultation with walking clubs, climbers and based on specialist advice from PWS staff and rangers. 

Many of the walks that are available for registration are difficult walks that are only suitable for experienced hikers. During registration, walkers are provided with important safety and minimal impact bushwalking information that promote the Leave No Trace principals.

The registration system allows walkers to see how busy a track is going to be, register their walk and manage their departure through the system. Registration is free and provides the PWS with useful information around track demand.

Walks promoted for registration, and daily departure limits include: 

  • Eastern Arthur Range - 6 Farmhouse Creek via Cutting Camp - 6
  • Frenchmans Cap (Vera and Tahune Hut sites) -10
  • Lake Rhona – 20
  • Mount Anne Circuit- - Shelf Camp and Lonely Tarns -12 -(there are no limits for day walkers to Mt Eliza, Mt Anne and Lake Judd)
  • Overland Track (outside summer booking season June - Sept) - 34
  • Walls of Jerusalem – 36
  • Western Arthur Range – 6

To register for a walk visit - https://parks.tas.gov.au/explore-our-parks/know-before-you-go/overnight-walker-registration

Published 21/10/2022